The Wonderland Trail. Day 9.

Sunday, August 6, 2017 

(Yo-yoing in thru-hiking terms means you get to the end of a long trail, then turn around and hike back to where you started. Imagine thru-hiking the 2,660 miles of the PCT from Mexico to Canada, then turning around and hiking back to Mexico. Cool, right!? It’s been done. No kidding! 

Let’s go back to the start… And do it again. Pretty please!? (Photo is from Day 3)

I was so sad it was my last day on the trail. We only had three miles to go to exit at Longmire where I’d be reunited with our PJ2 Subaru and civilization. 

The hike out was mostly downhill, and I got to experience the Kautz Creek River crossing that Adam got do once already on his way out to meet me. It was pretty swift – enough to warrant unbuckling my pack straps for the crossing. We both made it across on a few skinny, bouncy logs that a kind hiker before us laid down as a makeshift, temporary bridge. Adam said someone added a couple more since yesterday. Thanks, other hikers! 

Adam crossing Kautz Creek on some pretty flimsy little logs. He did just fine.

We hiked down, down and down some more, then I started to hear vehicle traffic, then we crossed a road, and then we popped out of the woods into the Longmire parking lot. I head right to our car where Adam took a photo of me just like he did at the beginning. It was amazing how relaxed I looked compared to when I started. The wilderness does great things for me. 

A side-by-side of me at the start and finish. I really love this photo comparison. It actually makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside with happiness to see how chill I look after the hike. It was so amazing.

And so I ended with no post-hike cravings because I eat damn keto (which I love anyway), but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because the restaurant at Longmire was frickin’ CLOSED when I got there (at 10:45am) because apparently they shut down between meal hours. I was going to go in and just get a celebratory burger or something for tradition’s sake, but that was a no-go. 

Oh, well. I decided I’d just hit up the bathroom for its flushy toilets and running water. I’d wash up a little bit and change so we could hit the road and find a good coffee somewhere. (I guess I was sort of craving a good cappuccino. So, there’s that!) 

I grabbed a tote bag with a change of clothes, a bandana to wash up with, and my tooth brush. I approached the one public bathroom to see a line. *sigh* Can’t I just please go back into the woods!? 

I waited in that line for about eight other ladies to cycle through, but once I got inside I was shouldered-bumped by another lady who apparently thought her hand-washing needs were way more important that mine or anyone else’s. Then after I finally got to the sink to wet my bandana I got repeatedly skipped for a stall. I wanted to punch someone! I said out loud out of frustration, “Oh, forget it!” and walked back outside in a huff and back to the car – dirt-covered and still having to pee. Civilization is really hard. 

Adam got out of the bathroom (big surprise, no line. I should’ve just use the men’s) and we walked over to the restaurant to see how much longer it would be until they opened, and it was another hour – but they had their own bathroom! So I took the big stall and was able to wash up and change in peace. Thank goodness. Then we left. I needed to get the hell out of there. I was over-peopled – way too much exposure at once first thing out of the mountains. 

We drove on, stopping at the first Starbucks we came across so I could get my cappuccino. We drank our coffees out of ceramic mugs in the store, played a couple games of cribbage and then drove on. We got as far as Yakima, WA, and stopped at the Oxford Inn for the night. We had a first floor patio so I was able to drape my tent outside to air it out, and that was nice. 

Starbucks and cribbage.

And then I took the world’s longest Epsom-salt bath. I was filthy – I hadn’t showered/bathed (other than a few mountain lakes, streams and wet-ones) for what I think is a new record for me – 10 days! I love it! It took some serious scrubbing, too. My feet were the toughest. I hiked almost the entire Wonderland Trail in my Bedrock sandals, and it showed – in a pretty awesomely hardcore-dirty kind of way. I had dirt permanently tattooed into every crease on the bottoms of my feet, and I gave a new pumice stone a pretty good workout! (I’ll probably talk a little more about backpacking in my sandals in another blog entry where I’ll go over some of my specific food and gear choices for this trip.) 

It probably took 30 minutes of pumice scrubbing to get that one foot as clean as it is in the photo.

After scrubbing a few layers of skin off and dousing myself in lotion, Adam and I head out to a local, popular burger joint called Miner’s. It was amazing! For not having any specific cravings, this place couldn’t have been more perfect. I got a double cheeseburger in a lettuce wrap (that was as big as my head – literally), I ate some of Adam’s fries and got a fresh strawberry malt afterwards. It was fun, and so dang delicious. I didn’t feel too awesome afterwards – I ate a little too much and it was pretty much the most sugar I’d eaten in four months – but it was oh, so worth it! 

Fun neon sign at Miner’s in Yakima, WA

Yup. As big as my head! And so good!

Then back at the hotel it was late and we pretty much passed right out. We had a lot more fun vacation to do yet! Next up was Glacier National Park for some camping, driving and sight-seeing, trails, and on a weird whim I wanted to try stand-up paddling on Lake McDonald. I did zero research for this – I just assumed it existed. And I hoped it did! But first? A good night’s sleep. In a cushy bed with crisp, cool, clean sheets. 

Aaah. The simple things. 

Tonight I love pumice stones. 

This was actually my first off-trail meal – summer sausage and cheese – with a cold, lime-flavored La Croix seltzer water. It was perfect. Because I could eat it in the car as we drove away from all the people. 

Adam’s compass fell apart, but I said, “good.” I don’t like these compasses – can you see why? There’s two Norths on it. It’s so dumb!

Still stopping for the little things – even with only 3 miles left.

A great morning view looking up Kautz Creek.


Also LOVE.

And… One last on-trail view of my latest favorite beauty. I love you, Mt. Rainier. I’ll see you again. That’s a promise.

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