A random ramble

Kind of a dreary, blah day. I could use some sunshine.

I’m bored. That’s why you’re reading a blog entry about, um, nothing much. I’m laying in the bunk of my truck waiting for a phone call that there is a door for me to back into so I can get a load of canned something going to freakin’ Atlanta. I’ve been waiting for over 3 hours and can’t get a timeframe as to when they might be able to get me in. The answer is, “depends on product” and “there’s a lot of trucks waiting.” So…. hours, probably? I don’t have any idea. But the good news is that I can park here overnight, so I’m going to just go to bed, I guess. Gotta sleep some time.

So I lay here, wait, and think. It’s been a weird week for exercise. I’ve been in situations where I’m either waiting (like now) and don’t know if it’s going to be 5 minutes or 5 hours and so I don’t wanna gear up and be 3 miles down the road when they call. Also, some places (like the one I’m in now) don’t feel safe. As I was driving into this facility I observed some kind of shabby neighborhoods and people walking around wearing hoodies with their hands in their pockets and their eyes swiveling from the ground, up to the right, then the left, then behind them, and it just appears they’re up to no good, even though they probably aren’t and I’m just being paranoid and super judgemental of wearers of hoodies (p.s. I love hoodies). Anyway… I just didn’t feel the “good place to run” vibe here. Also I could just exercise in my truck, but. Yeah. I don’t want to. There. I said it. I feel lazy, and I’m making excuses. There’s always a way. I am just choosing to ignore those ways today. And so, I’ll feel cruddy and hopefully get a chance to do something cool tomorrow. But probably not, because my sleep is weird. We’ll see.

This has been a weird week for me. But good. And fun. I’ll tell you why. I started out delivering a load I picked up last week, then grabbing a new load going to Minnesota – one I’ve done before. After that I went to a place to get loaded and a co-worker/good friend of mine texted me as I pulled off of the shipper’s scale saying, “hey, I see you!” I asked if he was at the creamery I was at. He said “yup. Just backed into the door you pulled out of.” So I drove around and chatted with him. He asked where I was taking my load. He was going to the same place. He asked where I was going after that. Same place. After that? Same place. After that? Different place (but a snafu changed that, too, and now we’re again going to the same place). I can’t tell you how weird this is! But it’s making for an interesting week, because I’m not used to hanging out with friends along my routes. But this friend is super rad because we share a love for food and talk about it a lot (we both dabble in keto), and so when I first saw him he goes, “want some espresso? Just made some up in the truck.” Ummm… Sure! Then when we dropped our trailers in the same lot, he walks over and hands me a huge stick of venison sausage! It’s been too long since I’ve hunted, even longer since I’ve gotten a deer to process, so it’s also been a while since I’ve had venison sausage. What a treat! Then later, after a discussion as we followed each other along the interstate about keto-friendly jalepeno poppers, he says, “I bet I could make those in my toaster oven in the truck.” I now have 6 out of 12 jalepeno poppers left in my fridge (it was hard to stop at 6, just fyi). And some panacotta. That he made. He likes to cook and make things and I have nothing in my truck to heat food, cook food, nothin’. I eat pretty healthy, make stuff at home and bring it along with me then eat it cold while I’m buzzing down the road, but when it comes right down to it, I’m boring. But he’s not. He’s made all kinds of drool-inducing foods in his truck. Sooooo… after the jalepeno poppers thing? I’m seriously considering adding a toaster oven. They were really good! And they’re wrapped in bacon. So… bacon.

Needless to say, I’ve got a pretty good friend here, and I don’t know what I did to deserve it, but I’m certainly not complaining when someone wants to share yummy food with me! He even once tied a plastic grocery bag with homemade (again, even keto-fied) strawberry cheesecake to the mirror on my truck because he was passing through where I was parked for the night in Indiana and I was going to be sleeping and it was Christmas and we were both on the road. It made my holiday.

It’s broke. And the light was missing.

Oh, and! He talked me through fixing a broken wiring harness for a trailer light. That probably saved me a good couple of hours at a frustrating shop. And it was pouring rain the entire time and we both got completely soaked in the process. We also hung out one night and just bullshitted for a few hours. See, one time Adam and I joined him and his family for a night of camping and the three of us stayed up until daylight talking around a campfire. How we don’t run out of stuff to talk about, I don’t know. And if he’s reading this, hi. And thanks for sharing all the stuff. And I owe you. I know you’ll say I don’t, but I’ll get ya’ back sometime! 😊

So that’s that. The week only gets weirder tomorrow because after I deliver the load I’m waiting to pick up here I drop my empty trailer near Atlanta and bobtail home. A long way. It’s weird because I’ve never driven that far without a trailer. I hear it makes for a rough ride (the trucks are designed to pull heavy things, so it’s much smoother when it’s doing what it’s designed to do, therefore it’s rough when it’s on its own). It’ll just be bumpy, I think. But I also have a pretty new truck that rides quite smooth, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be just fine.

My latest Instagram of Venus. She’s a good truck and she yells at me when I get too close to other cars because she cares about me (I think).

I’m tired now. And feel like crud because I’m being lazy this week, but starting to feel a twinge of excitement to get back on track next week, which probably just means I needed a break. I tend to go hard and start to burn out a little, then naturally back off without thinking about it (just like I am now), which lets me recover just enough to start the cycle all over again. My next race is mid-January and it’s 64 miles and overnight and in unpredictable winter conditions and it’s hard, so I have to keep up my momentum for that. So yup. Random rambling. If you didn’t read all of this, that’s okay. You wouldn’t see this anyway because you’ve already checked out. And that’s cool. And one more thing… I miss Adam. And we’re moving soon.


Have a nice night, friends!

Tonight I love cream cheese.