Big or little, it’s always been important for me to journal my thru-hikes in some way. I need to take photos and write about my adventures because, well, otherwise I forget a lot of it. I have trouble with long-term memory, so having these blog entries to look back upon triggers those memory stores and I’m usually able to recall even more than what I’ve written and posted for photos. So mostly, it’s a tool for myself, but I also simply find it fun to write. I’ve also received comments from a lot of you out there saying that you enjoy following my adventures in this way, and that encourages me to keep going. So, thank you for that. Truly.

Click through the menu to see links to entries from my thru-hikes so far. Note that some may take you to an external site, as I’ve moved my blog a few times, but it’s looks like I’m here for a while, at WordPress. So be sure to follow me, and even sign up for email notifications when I put up a new post, because, let’s face it. I’m not the most consistent when it comes to entries. But when I do something or think something that I just need to share, I’ll try to make it the best I can!

As long as I’m still doing things – whether it’s hiking, trucking, or whatever – I’ll keep writing. Thanks for following.

With love,

Robin ‘Toots Magoots’ Grapa

You may also see me referred to in past journals as “Milkshake.” Don’t worry, it’s the same me. :)