Vloggin’, movin’, and runnin’

Been also doing a whole lot of truckin’.

What’s new? Well? The super-short version: Adam and I moved into a new apartment closer to town. I’m being featured in a series of vlogs online about trucking. And I’m about to run 64 miles. Again.

The new apartment? It’s in Kaukauna, WI. Adam and I have always wanted to live in Appleton, so we moved to Kaukauna. I know. I swear to you, one of these days we’ll live in Appleton. But really, it’s practically Appleton anyway. It’s right on the edge and it’s by all kinds of things like restaurants, grocery stores, and you know – all that junk. And one of my favorite parts? It’s a stone’s throw from the CE trail, which is a paved recreational trail, so I can run without worrying about getting run over by cars. And? I’ve run on it after dark and felt safe. Bonus. We like this place a lot so far. And! We have the best shower curtain a person could have. I think it’s my favorite part of the whole place. Well, maybe it’s actually the dishwasher (seriously. You forget how amazing these things are until you don’t have one!). But that shower curtain. Yeah, it’s pretty rad.

Best shower curtain ever!

Next, v-loggin’. I was approached at work to see if I’d like to start doing a series of video logs. I was nervous about it because I’m a rambler (as you know if you’ve read any of my other blog entries) and these videos are all around 2-3 minutes long. That’s it! So short! That’s like… two words! But seriously – it’s been a really fun (and good) challenge for me. I just take some video on my phone, send it to a great guy I’ve been working with (Hi, Matt!) at BConnected, a local marketing company, and he does the editing. People look it over to make sure I didn’t say my name wrong or have a booger in my nose (although if I did, you know I’d want to point it out and laugh about it), and it gets posted on the V & S Midwest Carriers Facebook page for the world to see. It’s been a really fun project! I get to talk about trucking, some of what I’ve learned, promote the industry, hopefully inspire more girls to drive, and sometimes brag about the company I work for (seriously awesome people!). So watch for those! Here’s a link to the YouTube channel and if you follow V&S Midwest Carriers on Facebook, you’ll see them there, too. Something you wanna see, know about, or hear me talk about? Let me know!

Here’s one of the videos:

Then there’s the whole 64 miles thing. The Frozen Otter. I’ve participated in this event as a racer for several years, and once as a volunteer (which is equally as exhausting as racing, by the way). I completed the full 64 miles in 2010 for the first time, proudly becoming one of the “Frozen Few” and the 4th person to ever finish it. That was the 4th year the race was in existence. And only 4 finishers up to that point! It’s brutal! Then I finished it again in 2017 – you know, to see if the first time was a fluke. And the reason to go at it this time? I’ll admit it. I’m hooked on it. It’s hard. I like doing hard things. I like to break myself, then keep going. It’s close to home. It’s something to do in the winter that keeps me training and in shape. And it gets me out in the forest for long hours, a lot of them at night, and that is a kind of peace you need to experience, meaning I can’t explain it because it’s that awesome. Winter in Wisconsin, in the forest, alone, at night – just you, the stars, the owls and the crunchy snow under your feet. It’s silent. It’s peaceful. It’s serene. It’s sparkly in the moonlight. You just have to do it.

So that’s what’s new. The Frozen Otter is what’s on my mind mostly at the moment because it’s less than a week away. I’ve got to mentally prepare myself, and a lot of that preparation for me is visualization. I’m mostly trying to run through the last half, with feet that hurt so bad I won’t want to take another step (because they will – I’ve been having trouble with that) and then pushing them another 32 miles. And if the forecast holds, we’ll be running in 5° temps or possibly lower (not including the wind chill). For up to 24 hours straight. I’m ready. And I’m nervous. And excited. And. It’s going to be SO cold! Let’s see how far I can push my body and mind this year!


You can bet on a blog entry about how that goes! So follow here if you need some more good toilet reading later on.

And be sure to follow my vlogs! I’m sure to embarrass myself at some point, and you don’t wanna miss that!

Thanks for reading, following, encouraging, and being you. Lots of love, my friends! ♥️

Tonight I love that freakin’ shower curtain. Because cats. Unicorns. Guns. Fire. Rainbows. Duh.

Sidenote: I started a self portrait series a little over a year ago, and I’m usually inspired by a song lyric – this one was created with the Frozen Otter in mind and is one of my favorites:

“I do whatever it takes… ’cause I love how it feels when I break the chains.” – Imagine Dragons