PCT 2013, Day-by-Day Directory

Day 1: Yeah!
Day 2: Scream Rattle Scream
Day 3: Amazed
Day 4: Surprise Weather
Day 5: Pie
Day 6: Kickoff Zero Day
Day 7: Water Cache
Day 8: 100 miles!
Day 9: Playday on the PCT
Day 10: Good morning!
Day 11: Paradise Valley Cafe
Day 12: Idyllwild
Day 13: Hard Climbs = good views
Day 14: Sensory Overload
Day 15: Fuller Ridge
Day 16: Ziggy and the Bear
Day 17: Back in the heat
Day 18: The weirdest camp ever
Day 19: And my trail name is…
Day 20: A weeklong zero day
Day 21: Another new sunset
Day 22: Do snakes eat fish? Yup.
Day 23: Long breaks
Day 24: McDonalds at Cajon Pass
Day 25: Poodle dog bush
Day 26: The meaning of “yogi”
Day 27: A summit day!
Day 28: Endangered species detour
Day 29: Solo day
Day 30: A Poisonous Trail
Day 31: Zero trail angel day
Day 32: Low-key
Day 33: Even more low-key!
Day 34: Sleepwalking
Day 35: Trail angel to trail angel
Day 36: Sore foot-balls
Day 37: Dear PCT…
Day 38: Interesting water sources
Day 39: Hiking the Aquaduct
Day 40: Thirsty in the Mojave
Day 41: Happy Birthday, Tears for Beers
Day 42: Now that’s how to siesta!
Day 43: Push on through…
Day 44: A thoughtful day
Day 45: Serious hiking
Day 46: Haulin’ for some town-time
Day 47: A bear!
Day 49: Anniversary zero day
Day 50: Goosebumps
Day 51: Good-bye, SoCal
Day 52: Sculpted trees
Day 53: A mostly hiking day
Day 54: Mt. Whitney summit day!
Day 55: Forester Pass
Day 56: Kearsarge Pass for bakery
Day 57: Feeling lazy
Day 58: Mountain Lakes
Day 59: Sounds of the Sierras
Day 60: PCT mountain passes
Day 61: Happy naked hiking day!
Day 62: Sensory hangover
Day 63: Skeeters!
Day 64: Hour by hour on the PCT
Day 65: Zero in Mammoth Lakes #1
Day 66: Zero in Mammoth Lakes #2
Day 67: Zero in Mammoth Lakes #3
Day 68: Devil’s Postpile
Day 69: Tuolumne & Yosemite
Day 70: Still in Yosemite
Day 71: A challenging day
Day 72: 1,000 MILES!
Day 73: Hail on trail!
Day 74: Happy 4th of July!
Day 75: A super-magical day
Day 76: So many fun distractions
Day 77: Flowers and Lake Tahoe
Day 78: Echo Lake and S. Lake Tahoe
Day 79: Zero date day with Aloha
Day 80: Desolation Wilderness
Day 81: A broken zipper…
Day 82: Ridges and views
Day 83: Quick resupply
Day 84: Great hiking company!
Day 85: Birthday Celebration!
Day 86: An on-trail birthday
Day 87: Trail tease
Day 88: An off-day
Day 89: A journaling day
Day 90: Emotional day
Day 91: 104 degrees? Yowza!
Day 92: Chafe, springs and a bear
Day 93: Holy poop! I’m halfway to Canada!
Day 94: High roller
Day 95: Okay… one more zero…
Day 96: Volcanic activity
Day 97: My biggest day – hour by hour
Day 98: Cruisin’
Day 99: Burney Falls. Wow.
Day 100: One Hundred Days on the PCT!
Day 101: A favorite day
Day 102: Fun in Mt. Shasta City
Day 103: Awaiting the stars
Day 104: Mini High Sierras
Day 105: Prayer, trail stories and confidence
Day 106: One way off this mountain
Day 107: Fires…
Day 108: Hiking into the smoke
Day 109: My scariest PCT experience so far
Day 110: Siead Valley
Day 111: OREGON!
Day 112: A needed rest
Day 113: Hike hard, relax hard
Day 114: Visitors from home!
Day 115: Mom and Dad
Day 116: Gut-busting laughs
Day 117: Mid-night visitor
Day 118: Forest and smoky views
Day 119: Car camping
Day 120: Crater Lake!
Day 121: Phones don’t belong in the creek
Day 122: Huuungry…
Day 123: My portal to home
Day 124: Lakes, lakes… and lakes
Day 125: The most incredible hiking day, in photos
Day 125 Special Edition: What I ate on the trail today
Day 126: Rain or shine?
Day 127: Zero day – what I ate and stuff.
Day 128: One more zero…
Day 129: Great skies
Day 130: Mountain mood swings
Day 131: Faaaantastic!
Day 132: Oregon… you amaze me.
Day 133: Rivers, waterfalls, moss and mountains
Day 134: Tunnel Falls and Washington
Day 135: First after-hike chores
Day 136: Washington forest
Day 137: Magical mistiness turns wet
Day 138: Trout Lake, Washington
Day 139: Mushrooms and color
Day 140: A trio of mountains
Day 141: Goat Rocks [Ohmygosh] Wilderness
Day 142: Town again, jiggity-jig
Day 143: Town favorites
Day 144: A really good bubble
Day 145: Trail favorites
Day 146: A magical end to the day
Day 147: Beating the storm
Day 148: Hour by hour on a zero day
Day 149: Cold & wet. *shiver*
Day 150: Strength by way of weakness
Day 151: A sunshiny hiking day!
Day 152: A muddilicious hike to town
Day 153: Sore sittin’ buns
Day 154: Back to the wet trail
Day 155: Miserable weather…
Day 156: First big snow
Day 157: A lovely day in WA!
Day 158: Take a shortcut or two?
Day 159: Stehekin. The end?
Day 160: C-c-c-c-cold.
Day 161: Formulating a plan
Day 162: May last PCT Zero Day
Day 163: A temporary stop by snow
Day 164: Trail closed!?
Day 165: My PCT Finish!

First day post-hike
One last monument visit

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