Dreams create motivation to plan.

This is the scene that caught me today.

I drove along I-40 through Arizona this morning, watching my surroundings slowly come into view below a dark pastel-gradiated sky from the blackness of night above to a rich orange where it met the horizon. The miles flew past. As I left them behind, the more the sky lit up and the warmer the desert sage, sand and distant mountains appeared. I found myself daydreaming about losing myself in that scene – the one right outside my truck window. I’ve worked on lessening my daydreams like this one – not because I want to, because they oftentimes keep me going – but because they can hurt. I mean, to be completely honest with you, it’s literally made me cry at times. Sometimes I want it so bad – to throw a backpack on and just disappear into that sage brush, heading for those mountains – that I’ll just cry. It’s an emotion that’s not really a bad one just because it brings tears to the surface – I feel fortunate to have them. I have them because I’ve had experiences and adventures that have lit that undying spark in me, and now that spark is easily triggered to ignition by, sometimes, a simple, perfect scene. Like this one. It strikes in just the right way. This time I held back the tears, but the feelings were all there. I could smell the sage, feel the sand shift under each step and the cool morning breeze brush against my cheeks. And the best part? The overwhelmingly beautiful sense of freedom that is impossible to describe. It came over me like a wave, but quickly subsided. There’s only one way to hold on to that magic, and that is to get lost and live in a long walk. 

Another Arizona scene through a truck window. Mountains be keepin’ me wantin’.

My current situation is enjoying a team truck driving career with Adam, whittling away at student loan debt and having a fun time not having to live paycheck to paycheck for the first time ever. But this lifestyle doesn’t really lend itself to extravagant, lovely, super-long, amazing thru-hikes. And as much as I miss it, as often as it can hurt to dream about (in such a good way), and how badly I want to run off and just frickin’ do it while ignoring all consequences – it’s just that (for now) – a dream. 

I’ve had dreams before, though. To hike across the country. To run a marathon. To finish the Frozen Otter. To be free of credit card debt. To thru-hike the PCT. And guess what? Dreams create motivation to plan. And those dreams I just listed? They all came to life. So I’ll never stop. They’ll eventually happen if I keep it alive long enough. 

So… Now what, then? Well, a compromise. I can’t run off for six months for a long thru-hike, but I can take time off for a shorter one. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. All my daydreaming is motivating me to start planning my next backpacking trip. It’ll be this summer. Adam and I will road trip in our PJ2, the Subie, and enjoy our time together. Then I’ll hike for several days and we’ll road trip back home. 


The Wonderland Trail. A 93-mile loop that circumnavigates Mt. Ranier in Washington state. This trail has been high on my wish list for years, and the time is now. Adam is going to help me make it happen and be a part of it, too. What else could I ask for!? 

So with a backpacking trip in the works, I can drive past these beautiful mountains, prairies, deserts, and even cross over some long trails (I swear I can feel a pull when I drive past them!), without feeling too much sadness and want. It’s just enough to make me experience that love, that heartbreak, that want – and smile. I think that’s why I was able to hold back the tears today. 

But seriously, I still want to just frickin’ do it! But I won’t. Maybe. 

Went for a run and never came back. But I did. This time.

Tonight I love blueberries. They were the last thing I ate today, and they were amazing. 


20 thoughts on “Dreams create motivation to plan.

  1. “The overwhelmingly beautiful sense of freedom that is impossible to describe.”


    Not sure whether you refer to backpacking trips or just the landscapes in general. But I can totally relate when I’m in rural western America. or for that matter almost anywhere besides major cities. But the west in particular, with its sweeping vistas and starry night skies etc. :D

  2. Oh Robin, I so understand this and hurt for you :(. I feel that my PCT hike has ruined me (in a very good way).
    I miss that trail, and that experience every day. I hope that you can work it out so that you have more of a balance of work and wild experiences.

    Thank you for sharing your feelings on this!


  3. The wonderland trail is was got me thinking about longer trails, did it in 1999 in college. Took us 10 days with huge packs. Fingers crossed the permit and snow melt off for the summer lines up. Timberline is a nice loop but very quick/short, but there are views for days.

  4. I want to do that one too! If you have an extra few days stop by and do the Timberline Trail around Mt Hood (42 miles/3 days) and/or the Loowit Trail around Mt St Helens (32? Miles/2.5 days). They are both incredibly awesome. Two of my favorites. -GoalTech

      • All of the North Cascade volcanoes have loop trails around them (except Mt. Baker). The Wonderland Trail looks like a roller coaster of elevation gain/loss. The one around Mt Adams is supposed to be very scenic with easy terrain. But unfortunately it’s not a complete loop. Mt. Hood is supposed to be pretty but hard. The one around Mt. St. Helens would be super interesting (a neat place to check out, maybe you could stop there on your road trip?). My plan for this summer is to do the loop around the Three Sisters in Oregon. And then if I have time, do Sections B and C of the PCT in Oregon. I so hope I can do both!

      • I can give you very detailed info on both hikes (and Adams too, and 3 Sisters) depending on what works. So if you need it let me know and I’ll set you up! -GoalTech

  5. I’m so excited to hear about your plans for the Wonderland Trail. It’s one I’ve thought about a lot myself. Can’t wait to hear how it goes!!

  6. Hey Kid, Wonderland How Cool,
    So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when you summon the will, they soon become inevitable!!! “Christopher Reeves” Trek on, Pappy

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