A documentary interview


A chance to reminisce. It was a fun little walk! You know, just 4,600-or-so miles. :)

There’s this really cool guy, Mark Phillips, who walked across the country wearing a backpack, like my mom and I did. He made a few attempts before accomplishing his goal of hiking from New York to California, and he calls himself “The Walking Fool.” He’s been taking video footage of these journeys and the people he’s met along the way for a feature-length documentary. Pretty cool, hey!?

Well, I received an email from him asking if he could interview mom and me for his film. Any excuse for us to reminisce about our 2006 trip on the ADT and share our stories is a good excuse, but this one was definitely okay!

Mark and his camera guy, David, flew to Minneapolis from New York a couple of weekends ago, then made the backcountry driving trip to the boonies in Phillips where my parents live to meet up with us.

I didn’t feel nervous about this at all… That is until the morning Mark and David were going arrive. I had Adam make me a whiskey old fashioned to take the edge off. A little booze can do that, I suppose. It might not be the healthiest approach, but why the heck was I so nervous, anyway!? I’d been in front of cameras before! So, booze before 5pm? Eh, whatever, you can judge me. I don’t mind!


Nerve-calming old fashioned.

Mark and David jumped right in, looking around for a good place to set up – something with good light and not much background noise. They first tried a back porch, but once the backdrop was set up, a healthy breeze whipped up, causing them to move indoors. The light coming through the window was a little back and forth with the sun hiding behind clouds every once in a while, but they also brought an extra light, so I hope it all turned out okay for them. There’s so many details to think about with this kind of stuff, and these guys had it covered.

Once the backdrop was set up, equipment was positioned, and our mics were strung under our shirts, we got rolling. Besides my pits sweating profusely and a little bit of tripping over my words at the start, everything went pretty well. I got on a roll talking like I tend to do, and then mom joined in and told her side of things, making us all tear up with her story about why she didn’t hesitate to go with me. After the basics of our story were covered we started with a few stories. Oh, do we have some stories. And it sounds like Mark and David enjoyed them, but oh, if only there were more time. We barely touched on them! There are SO many more! (I gotta get going on that book!)


Mark and my dad help us with our mics.


The interview under way!

So look for the trailer online. I’ll include some links to check out below, including the trailer. I don’t know a ton of details about the film yet, but the jist of the story is about Mark’s journey, and he interviewed a few other cross-country walkers, like mom and me, to be a little part of it – to maybe find a link into why we’re all so crazy.

It was a fun experience for sure. Once the cameras were off, the guys started breaking down their equipment while we chatted and shared more stories. My dad headed outside to grill his famous campfire steaks, and before we knew it we were all at the table eating those steaks. With baked potatoes and mom’s fresh-from-the-garden salad, too.

It all went by so fast, and soon Mark and David were off, back to Minneapolis to catch their early flight back to New York.

I can’t wait to see the film, and I wish Mark and his crew the best! This was such a cool experience and we were so honored to be a part of it. It’s gonna be great. I’ll keep you all updated when I hear of any news! Maybe we’ll become big-time celebrities! Haha!

Like “The Walking Fool” on Facebook.

View the trailer from the Indiegogo campaign.

Here’s another trailer, and some more info at the website walkingfool.com.

I think you’ll all appreciate his sense of humor. It’s kind of a requirement for a walk across America!

Tonight I love that adventure memories live and linger forever. Dreaming something? Do it. Now. So worth it.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


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