Stupid, perfect aim!

I know I haven’t written in a while, but I’ve been in a bit of a writer’s funk lately and must have needed the time off. Then today this totally random, small thing happened and I thought, “this is funny [to me] and I should blog about it!” So I guess I’m back. I hope, anyway, because blogging makes me happy.

So before I build too much suspense over something kind of stupid, there’s this crank on our trailers that raise and lower the landing gear. The landing gear is basically the “feet” on the trailer so when we drop it from our tractor the trailer will stay standing up and not take a nose dive. That would be bad.


The handle (crank) is that crooked piece of pipe on the left-hand side of the photo and the "feet" are the thingies holding up the trailer.

On our trip to the receiver in Wisconsin from Washington state, it rained. It rained a lot. And really hard, too. In the past, when I’ve gone to crank the handle to lower the landing gear, water that had build up inside the handle from rain (the handle is basically like a bent, hollow, metal pipe – see photo above) would fly out and douse me with nasty, rusty rain water. I learned – but only after getting wet shoes a couple of times.

Today I pulled the handle up, stood back and a ton of water splashed out onto the ground. I did a little internal celebration, feeling proud that I remembered. Then I went in for the kill and gave that thing a good, fast turn. It suddenly spewed out a perfect line of cold, dirty, rusty, nasty water! I guess it wasn’t done with me yet. It arched just perfect as if the handle was strategically aiming for me. It started at my armpit, went straight across my chest and down the front of my tank top, soaking my chest from the inside of my shirt, and finishing by soaking the other armpit, and also somehow getting a big splash right into the inside of me left glove.


Big wet spot on my shirt - got wet from the inside and soaked through two layers of tank top. Oh, and a side-note: my boobs are not that big, it's just the camera angle. Although... I'm not complaining. :P

I jumped back and just said, “awwww, maaaaan!” It was gross, but I still somehow found it funny. And you know what? I showered about 3 hours before this happened. Go figure! Just can’t stay clean on this job! Good thing I’m a hiker and trucker and I’m used to being dirty. Haha!

Tonight I love showers. Even if I won’t be staying clean for long.

A couple of unrelated photos:


Sometimes my gym is surrounded by tires, is littered with cigarette butts and smells like stale pee. But you do what'chya gotta do!


A picture of the beautiful Columbia River gorge, hoping WordPress will choose this as my featured image instead of my boobs. :)

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


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