We’re on vacation!


Hey, look! We're in a regular car! With only 4 wheels to worry about!

Yesterday was a whirlwind. We dropped a load of cantaloupes and muskmelons to a warehouse in Milwaukee, dropped our empty trailer at a cheese place and drove home. We moved all of our things into our Jeep, stopped at the office to drop off our paperwork, swung by the post office, had some wingies for lunch (yum!), checked into our local hotel, dropped off a butt-load of stuff, then head back out and about for some pre-vacation shopping. And more shopping. Then we packed, repacked and well, basically got everything done in one day for a two-week road-trip vacation. Wouldn’t most people be working on this over a few weeks? An errand here, an errand there, pack a few things each night, stop and shop for this or that on weeknights? We didn’t have that option, so it was a busy day. And that’s okay. I think we were finally in bed around midnight, exhausted. But ready to go.

We’re heading to Montana. And we’re driving. Because we’re a little crazy, maybe. We drive for a living, then we choose to drive during our time off. It makes total sense for us, though. Road tripping is an activity we both enjoy. A lot. So off we go.


Pretty day on the road.

Our goals?

To pick up two dirty, stinky, awesome hikers off the Continental Divide Trail and spoil them rotten (Lighthouse and Fun Size). Take them to the city and feed them (and ourselves). Watch movies and laugh at anything. Relax. Then drive home, slowly. Camp, play, and drive to new places. Maybe even Canada. We don’t know. Then we’ll visit Adam’s family and enjoy the summer with an Aloha-themed weekend. Did someone say pineapple and margaritas? A perfect way to wind down the two weeks.

A few other goals? Drive past open weigh stations and smile. Drive on roads that trucks aren’t allowed on. Get lost and not stress about getting stuck somewhere or running into a low powerline. Not working on a Saturday when the majority of the working world is out on their weekends having fun. We’re going to have fun with them. I’d like to have a drink with them.

One more thing. Run in the mountains. Or hike. Or walk. Smell them, look at them, and soak them in as much as I can. It’s pretty awesome that we get to see them as we drive past so much for our job, but now we get to be up close and personal with them, and that’s even better.

It’s really pretty simple.

Now… We just have to get through our vacation beginner snafu. Our Enterprise rental car was rented to us in need of an oil change. A dashboard warning alerted us, so we were left finding a Firestone that had time to get us in. To be honest we’re kind of disappointed in this whole situation. I mean, we rent so we don’t have to worry about this kind of stuff. And we don’t have to use our time off for it. Sigh… Yet here we sit. Oh well. After a little clothes shopping, a coffee, and getting back on the road it’ll all be behind us.


Our (sweet?) ride. Yeah, it's a minivan. So what?

Vacation begin now!

Tonight I love… Uh-duh… Vacation!

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)

6 thoughts on “We’re on vacation!

  1. Hello

    I’m a fan of your blog from Sydney, Australia and I’m planning on hiking the PCT solo in the 2016 season.

    I only just finished reading your whole hike recently and I really enjoyed looking at what I have to look forward to when I get there.

    Can’t wait to start my hiking journey and meeting all of my 2016 hiking comrades and trail angels. Thanks for keeping me inspired to actually do this.

    Any recommendations for other PCT blogs? (I’ve read ‘halfway anywheres’ blog! Really enjoyed his humour)

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