I am meant for walking.


These two feet... I love them.

One day, I won’t have a car. Or a truck. Or a bike. Or anything else mechanical that can break, run out of fuel or cost money to keep up. I will walk. When I feel thirsty, I’ll drink. When I feel low on energy, I’ll eat. When my body feels broken, I’ll rest. I’ll sleep under the twinkling stars and a milky-way blanket, clouds, rain, wind and snow. I’ll daytime-nap in shady spots and sometimes right in the warmth of the sun. I’ll wander off to nowhere, but at the same time I’ll be going everywhere. Anywhere. One day, I’ll walk into the sunrise. And the sunset. Off into the mountains. The plains. The road. Desert. Salt flats. Endless miles of sagebrush alongside the rabbits, antelope and wild mustangs. My feet and legs will carry me, my mind and passions will guide me, and my soul will soak in as much of the land’s natural creation as it can hold. It will overflow always, constantly being filled with something new. I will go where I need, and I will seek the unknown. Always.

I was meant for walking, and one day, that is all I will do.


Some day, this is what I will live. I have dreams that I can't ever let go of. It's part of my being.

Tonight I love freedom.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


6 thoughts on “I am meant for walking.

  1. I feel a yearning coming thru in this post and that’s a good thing. We all need momentum and aspirations to move forward. I’ve followed since your pct blogs and love your driving adventures. I see another long trail in your future. Meantime this section hiker will just take inspiration from you. Keep posting.

  2. Your blog has been an insipration to me, which may be part of the reason I am here in Wrightwood taking a zero on my PCT hike. I’m just now getting over the pain of the transition from desk jockey to thru-hiker, but I can feel the bliss just ahead. Thank you for all your positive blog posts!

    And in my other life, I pride myself on being the best driver I can be and I absolutely love all your trucking posts. Keep it up, Toots, I’m loving it!

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