It’s been one, whole, exciting year!


Cue cheesy photo of me with the truck!

Well, I’ve been driving truck now, professionally, for V&S Midwest Carriers for one year. Time flies! In honor of my one-year anniversary, I’m going to share a list I’ve come up with that pretty much sums up how I’ve been able to endure such a lifestyle like over-the-road trucking. It really just comes down to how many similarities there are between living on the road as a trucker, and living on the trail as a thru-hiker.

While there’s a few big things that are different between thru-hiking and truck driving, there are way more things that are similar, so yeah. The transition really wasn’t too tough. And when it comes time to do another thru-hike? I’ll be ready to roll. Well, mostly. I will probably just need to buy more Ramen noodles.

Anyway, the list – I’ll start with the differences, because there’s only a few.

Differences between truck driving and thru-hiking:

¤ Truck: You try to eat as little as possible even though there is food practically everywhere.
¤ Hike: You try to eat as much as possible even though the only food available is the limited amount that you can carry.


Trucker breakfasts should be hiker breakfasts. And vice versa.

¤ Truck: Makin’ money! And the further you go, the more you make.
¤ Hike: No income. And the further you go, the more money you spend, and the more depleted your savings becomes.

¤ Truck: There are only very specific places to stop and rest when driving a big rig.
¤ Hike: You can stop and plant your butt anywhere you want to take a rest. And it’s probably much quieter and most likey more scenic.


Trucker break in a designated parking space at a truck-friendly location.


Hiker break. On the poop trap of an outhouse. Yes. Anywhere...


Even up in a tree. Why the heck not? A break's a break!

Yeah, that’s pretty much it for differences.

Similarities between truck driving and thru-hiking:

¤ You go-go-go until you get as far as you can go… then crash and sleep hard.

¤ Sleeping takes place in a very small space.


Small space. Yep!


Small space. Yep again!

¤ It may be several days before you get a shower.

¤ A map is necessary for daily navigation.

¤ You are always on the move.

¤ Finding creative places/ways to pee is part of the adventure.


Being on the road offers some interesting choices. It's better than a bottle!

¤ So is finding creative places/ways to poop.


No. Not here!

¤ There is a special camaraderie between your fellow truckers/hikers.

¤ You sleep in a new place every night.

¤ The next week’s itinerary may be altered due to weather relatively far away from where you are now.

¤ You must be prepared for more than your average car drive or day hike.

¤ Thru-hikers: “Phsssh. Dayhikers.”
Truckers: “Phsssh. Four-wheelers.”

¤ Truckers have CB handles, and thru-hikers have trail names. Bonus: If you’re a thru-hiker and a truck driver, you can use the same name for both.


Toots on trail.


Toots on the road.

¤ Shaving gets the dirt off my legs. Yep, believe it or not – this one carried over into truckin’. It’s a dirty job sometimes!


Hiking does make the legs dirtier than trucking, though. And I miss it.

¤ The two worst times to get lost are either hiking in the woods or driving a big rig.

¤ Zero days, or days off, usually consist of chores to get you ready to move again.

¤ And best of all – they’re both pretty awesome.


Trail? Awesome.


The road? Also awesome.

I’m sure there’s more similarities, too. We’re still having a good time out here, and now that winter is nearly over, things are feeling a little easier, or at least a little less stressful.

And we’re just going to keep going. Adam and I came up with this grand scheme sometime in 2010 or 2011. First we needed to downsize and get rid of most of our “stuff.” So we did. We moved into a tiny, cheap studio apartment, saved money, quit our jobs, thru-hiked the PCT, I got my CDL, now we drive truck together. Our current mission is to pay off credit card and student loan debt until we have zero debt. Zero. We’ve already paid off a couple of credit cards, and we have a long ways to go, but we’re getting there. Things are still going according to plan, and it feels really good. We are both very proud of how hard we’ve worked (and played) to get to where we are.

So what’s next? We don’t know… well, the truth is that we don’t know what we’d choose! But we have lots of time to dream, scheme, and discuss. For right now, we’ll just keep on keepin’ on. We like our job, our company, and where we’re going, so… Onward!

Tonight I love a working ABS light. Waiting hours at a shop to have one fixed is not very much fun. It does, however, give me time to blog. :)


Truckin'. :)


One of my favorite road shots.


One year! Here's to many more! :)

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


7 thoughts on “It’s been one, whole, exciting year!

  1. What a great post – i just love being part of your journey, since PCT und 2013. Greetings from Switzerland!

  2. Robin, Lori Jo and I just returned from a fabulous 8 day backpack trip in the Escalante (Utah). Was thinking about you and Adam on the road trip back with all of the big trucks battling the high winds. Coming down the blue mountains into Pendleton we noticed that somebody had to use the runaway truck ramp. How scary! Anyway, Somewhere out there we passed a Midwest Carriers truck! I tried to see who was driving but couldn’t make it out. Noticed a dark sleeve with gold print in the drivers window. Maybe it was you guys? Good luck out there. Randy Godfrey

    From: So Many Miles To: Sent: Thursday, April 9, 2015 7:50 PM Subject: [New post] It’s been one, whole, exciting year! #yiv0789442803 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv0789442803 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv0789442803 a.yiv0789442803primaryactionlink:link, #yiv0789442803 a.yiv0789442803primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv0789442803 a.yiv0789442803primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv0789442803 a.yiv0789442803primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv0789442803 | Robin Grapa posted: “Well, I’ve been driving truck now, professionally, for V&S Midwest Carriers for one year. Time flies! In honor of my one-year anniversary, I’m going to share a list I’ve come up with that pretty much sums up how I’ve been able to endure such a lif” | |

  3. Time flies when you’re having fun. Memories made on the trail and on the Interstate. Congrats to you both. Part of me is jealous and part of me is really glad I’m home being MOM……Hugs guys.

  4. What a great thought provoking post. You should be proud of how you’ve figured out how to make life work for you both on and off trail. Having a defined goal helps you enjoy both the journey and the reward. Congrats on both your achievements and dedication. Well done!

  5. I really enjoyed this comparison! I always thought there were a lot of commonalities. But the funniest contrast to me was the breakfast! Hiker vs. Trucker. Totally…

  6. Wow, has been a full year already, time flies, congradulations to you both, KEEP ON TRUCKING & DREAMING !!!!! See you soon!! — Pappy —

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