Girls’ weekend – aka The Big Box Tour


Boxes. Our 10th, Jack-in-the-box, was there in spirit. She lives in CO and had to work. We missed her!

Every year since 2009 a group of us girls get together for an extended weekend of drinking, eating, lounging, shopping, outdoor activities, laughing, talking like we’re 12 years old again, and no. Sorry. We don’t have pillow fights – which always comes up whenever we mention “girl’s weekend” to anyone.

Well, actually… I lie. We had a pillow fight ONE time. It came up on a phone-app game of Truth or Dare. We shrugged, grabbed pillows, and met our challenge. But it’s not like we planned it as a major activity for the weekend, and we didn’t giggle like school girls – it was more like screams and hoots of full-gut laughter. We weren’t trying to be cute. In fact, we didn’t mess around. For example, Iron Box Walinda nearly threw Brown Box Becky across the room, and a few of the pillows were actually quite hard – thankfully nobody was injured. Also, we were fully clothed, and there were no flying feathers. After all, we wanted our security deposit back, ya’ know? We did end up laughing quite a bit throughout, and honestly? It was pretty fun.


The beginning.

A little history: Somewhere in our past, we came up with a name for our girl’s weekend. Correct me if I’m wrong, ladies… I believe it came up on a break at work. There were six of us that worked together at 4imprint at the time, and we regularly took an afternoon break together. Our group morphed into “The Big Box Tour” after several daily conversations that were most likely of a childish (but super-fun) nature. I think originally the plan involved an actual tour bus and a cross-country trip (we should totally still do this, by the way!). We pared it down to one weekend, usually around February when beautiful cabin rentals are cheaper, easy to come by, and our calendars aren’t chock full like they are in the summer.

We’ve been on seven “Box Tours” now. Wow. Seven. And we now have ten girls. Each girl has their own “box” name, too. We have Brown box, Jack-in-the-box, Cat box, Hiker box, Iron box, Drop box, Chatter box, Veggie box, Jukebox, and me – Bounce box, which is a thru-hiking term. It’s a box that hikers pack with things they don’t want to carry on the trail, so they “bounce” it up the trail from post office to post office. And maybe I get bouncy when I’m excited. Haha! I don’t know, but I like my box name, and it’s stuck.


2015. Juke even designed the awesome t-shirts!

This year we got a giant, beautiful, roomy barn that was converted into a cabin in Waupaca, Wisconsin. We usually go somewhere different each year, but I’m pretty certain this place will be on our list for another tour.


Huuuuge barn-cabin!


A view from the loft.


Another view from the loft. Such a pretty place!

We arrived on a Thursday, picked rooms to sleep in without major strategy, arguments, or arm-wrestling. We established the #2 bathroom, cracked beers, and moved in. Juke made an awesome dinner with Iron’s help and we ate. Some crashed early and some stayed up late. It was a low-key first night. That doesn’t always happen!

On Friday Juke and Hiker went into town and rented two fat-tire bikes. Iron and I jumped in with them and we head to Hartman Creek State Park where we played on the single-track bike trails. This was my first time on a fat-tire, and it was a total freakin’ blast! I had a sore bum from the seat for a couple of days, but it was totally worth it! While we were out in the woods, I think a couple of the other girls did a little shopping while others stayed back and relaxed and/or napped. We do whatever we want on girls’ weekend. That’s how we roll.


Fat tire biking! Most fun ever!

Later we all went to Central Waters, a local brewery for drinks and ran into a group of 17 dudes that were out for what I gather was a dude’s weekend. They were all wearing bowling shirts – and were going to go bowling. They invited us, but it was time to go. We had dinner reservations. After dinner we head back to the barn for more drinks, chatter and Cards Against Humanity.

On Saturday we took our time getting up, and then we all went to the park for a little winter hiking. In the evening we visited Weasels, a local bar, and ended up back at the barn to enjoy our last night. We made animals out of balloons and maybe a few body parts… I’m not denying that… and Brown and I played Jenga. Yeah, I know. We’re pretty wild, hey?


Cabiny Jenga.

What did we do in between all of those things? Well, we ate. I, for one, ate mostly popcorn. I think I ate 20 pounds of the stuff.

It was a fantastic weekend, and I especially feel a little extra appreciation for our annual event now since I’m not around for regular happy hours and other get-togethers. Trucking really keeps me away, which can be hard. I love these girls and miss them all the time. So The Box Tour is one of my favorite yearly events. I already can’t wait for next year. And for real – some year we’re going to end up somewhere tropical. Or we’ll get that bus.


Hiking! Yay!

Tonight I love my fellow boxes. ♡

A few more photos:


A non-raunchy balloon art piece.


Yup. Beer. (And popcorn, of course.)


Crocheted bottle koozies from Cat box!


The porch and back yard. And field.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


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