There. I’m giving it a name: The Grapa-jinx


A misbehaving trailer lands us in the shop somewhere in Nevada.

The Grapa-jinx is in full effect and I can only assume it’s because we have vacation coming up and we’re super-excited to drive, drive, drive and get home. But you see, there’s this trailer. And it’s out to get us… or so it seems…

Two weeks ago —

Bad luck: The reefer (refrigerated) unit stopped working on our way to pick up a load of apples.
Good luck: The trailer was empty so we didn’t have to worry about freight being affected and we were close to a service station and were able to get it fixed.
Additional good luck: We were running behind because of this, but the apple-loading forklift guys stayed over an hour late (on a Friday) so we wouldn’t have to wait until the next morning to get our load.

Two weeks later, same trailer (our current trip)

Bad luck: Adam discovers a significant air leak. It’s coming from the brake chamber on the trailer.
Good luck: He caught it on his circle of safety inspection after a break, so we didn’t end up stranded on the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere at midnight with locked-up brakes (this one’s actually not luck, but the good work of a damn safe driver. I love him). The brakes were just starting to smoke as we pulled up to the maintenance shop. Just made it.


An older brake chamber all dirty and stuff - but working just fine.


Our brand-spakin-shiny-new brake chamber. The flag sticker is a nice touch. :)

Bad luck: The whole stinkin’ state of Wyoming is pooping winter all over the roads. And we just learned portions of I-80 is closed as a result.
Good luck: We aren’t going through Wyoming because we’re taking an alternate route – which is also pooping winter, just less of it. And not in mountains.

Bad luck: A trailer tire gets a giant gash in it and goes flat. We need a new tire and the replacement process takes two precious hours.
Good luck: A fellow trucker pointed it out to us just as we pulled into a fuel island, so it didn’t have a chance to shred while driving 60 mph down the highway… and it stayed on the rim, which was undamaged.


Major tire gash.


Getting a new tire. This guy worked quick!

Now we head straight into our alternate route’s winter diarrhea. If the tire hadn’t gone flat, we may have been able to stay in front of it. But hey! We’re not stuck in Wyoming! That’s good luck. Right?

Thanks for “listening” to me whine about our truckin’ woes. I do want to mention that these things going wrong are normal things that just happen in trucking, but they’re pretty unusual for us because we are issued really good equipment and are never questioned when something needs to be looked at or repaired (I love this about V&S MC!). So I whine about it when it does happen because it’s… well, just bad luck!

Interesting side-note: The jack used on our fully-loaded trailer to replace the tire was about 18″ high, weighed 35 pounds, and has the ability to lift 52,000 pounds! Crazy, huh!? In the photo below, the jack is the little red thing. So small!


Tonight I love vacation time.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


5 thoughts on “There. I’m giving it a name: The Grapa-jinx

  1. Be positive!

    And thank you for delivering all the stuff the rest of us need to live. I don’t appreciate it as much as I should, living in So Cal. Doesn’t always occur to me where you guys end up driving.

  2. Hey, it just sucks when things go wrong, good luck on the rest of your return trip, hope you guys enjoy your time off !!!! see you soon and be cool. — Pappy —

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