The hunt: update

What do you suppose happens when I run out of hours and get a couple of days off? During hunting season? Yup.

So this is happening right now:


It might only be a day and a half, but my pouty face is gone!

I must go now. The woods are snowy and silent. Time to clear my mind. Happy day!


Tonight I love winter. Because it might be my only chance to love it this year… It’s hard to love when you’re driving in it. Playing in it, though? Love.


4 thoughts on “The hunt: update

  1. The guys got four bucks here along the river and out of a neighbor’s cornfield yesterday. Won’t hardly need a turkey tomorrow. Thought of the day. You don’t mess with an armed truck driver–male or female. Have you thought of mounting your rifle on your rolling home? Happy Thanksgiving.

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