Hiker Tau Pi – The Hiker House

This entry stems from a conversation Adam and I were having the other day – we were reminiscing back to college and he was talking about one summer between semesters when he lived in a house with a couple of roommates. He was 19 at the time, but didn’t drink much. But maybe he should have – one of his roommates was 21. The other worked at Dominoes Pizza and frequently brought home pizza after his shift. Adam worked at Hollywood Video and got free movie rentals. Thinking back on this he says, “why didn’t we take advantage of that situation more?” Free pizza. Free movies. While the beer wouldn’t be free, it would have been a rebellious treat. They could’ve had a fun night – every night. That got us thinkin’ fun.

Okay… think of a giant house like a big college frat house, but for adults. Hiker-ish adults and others like us. We all split the cost for rent and work part-time jobs. Think of the awesome hiker-trashish parties – how many stinky hikers can you really fit onto a bed for a photo?


Yup, this happened. And should happen again.

This frat-like house can serve as a place to help hikers getting ready for an upcoming thru-hike, as well a halfway house for those coming off of a big trail. You know we all talked about this at one time or another on our thru-hikes – because transitioning to off-trail life is frickin’ hard. Maybe it’ll help get folks ready to go back to the office, or better yet, help us all realize we belong on the trail with our kind forever. Nose-pickers and trail tooters, you’re always welcome in the hiker house. Why force ourselves to change who we truly are for a cubicle? See? That made you tear up a little, didn’t it?

We start in the most obvious place – Portland. From there we open other chapters. I dunno – a Canada chapter, Maine, S. Cali… The options are endless!

We don’t ever really want to “grow up,” anyway. So why? A bunch of like-minded people… friends… living together in a big ol’ house. We all just work part-time jobs and live somewhere cool together with other cool people and do cool stuff.

Where this comes around to my and Adam’s original conversation is the fun part where everyone works part-time jobs that can somehow benefit the group. For example, we could have a pizza delivery dude that brings home freebie pizza once in a while. A movie rental clerk for free movie rentals. We’d need people that can brew beer, because beer is good. We’d need a baker because there’s an initiation, of course. And someone’s gotta bake pies for that – and sweets just because. How about a cable installer to hook the house up with free cable? A barista. Yummy coffees! We could even find a handy-man for basic home repairs and a nurse for fixing minor boo-boos. A few REI (or other outdoor gear shop) employees because we need fun gear always. And… Mr. Green. :)

We all just hang out, go on hikes when-the-heck-ever, have parties, cook and eat group meals, make and drink good beer, watch good and horrible movies (in a theater room complete with recliners and a popcorn machine, of course), and be constantly dreaming, planning and scheming more hikes, climbs, road trips and adventures of all kinds. Then going on group runs and hikes together to get ready. Then go on those big hikes. And we’ll know that when we’re done, we’ll have Hiker Tau Pi, the Hiker House, to come home to so we can start the whole thing all over again.

It’s like living the college life without the studying and generally on much simpler terms. All with people we love. There will be responsibilities, but as few as we can get away with. It would just be… fun.

Oh, and Aloha and I are sorta half serious… I mean, why not be?

So… what part-time job do you think you’d get? :)

Tonight I love imaginative dreams. Because ya’ never know – they may just come true one day. Gotta’ start somewhere!


12 thoughts on “Hiker Tau Pi – The Hiker House

  1. imagination is a great tool, so glad you have the heart to put it in writing the way you do !! any room in that place for two old farts that try to beleive they never got old. LOL

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  3. Loving the comment about never really growing up. So true.

    Went for a walk two days ago. Down along the coast at Eastbourne, Uk. Aim 10 miles maybe 20 miles if I felt good. Only made 8. My calves are still soo sore two days later. Really out of shape right now.
    Still dreaming. Still planning.

    Be careful in all the bad weather I seen you guys are having.

    Take it easy

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