A beautiful day to love my job.


Not a bad view, hey? I’m sitting here in the driver’s seat of our truck, enjoying a little down time as I wait for a call saying my load is ready and a door assignment. The sky is blue outside our “mobile office” windows, the mountains are natural, comforting shades of browns and dark greens, and they’re gradually rising up from fields of already-harvested crops – cut short and glowing in bright golds. The sun is shining through the passenger window, warming my left knee and left arm. I am… content.

Yesterday we stopped at a truck stop for a shower, then head to our receiver in a little Utah town called Bear River City. We drove down country roads past cafes and small bars saying to each other, “we should come back here to visit some time.” We arrived at our receiver with permission to park overnight. We were positioned facing a small mountain range, and planned our routes for the next day as the sun started to set. Adam and I set out for a short walk along a country road with farm fields, abandoned horse corrals and a road lined with spots of giant yellow flowers that I assume are some sort of small sunflower. After our walk, back at the truck we watched a couple episodes of Breaking Bad before I went to bed.


Sunflower variety?

This morning took us along a winding four-lane road through the very mountains we were watching last night, and after I’m done getting loaded here, we’re off on another mountainous route that has switchbacks and looks like it’s going to be highlighted with great scenery. I’m excited. It’s a warm, sunny day, Adam and I are in good spirits having a nice time on this run, and we’re really enjoying the new places.


Morning view from our "office." Not too shabby.

Tonight I love my new career.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


2 thoughts on “A beautiful day to love my job.

  1. I so look forward to your writings. You have a gift for painting a picture. Although you painted a picture of yourself sitting backward in the driver seat if the sunshine coming through the passenger window is hitting your left side. Now that I think about it, that wouldn’t surprise me. You are an inspiration. Thanks for writing.

    • Hah! I didn’t think about that. I was sitting in the driver’s seat with the sun on my left. I’ll have to try sitting the other way some time. Probably pretty comfy! :)

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