I-84 West heading into Portland. I LOVED this drive. Complete with rainbows and a view of Mt. Hood!

When we were told our next load was going to bring us to Portland, Adam and I both smiled and cheered. “All right!”

Being a holiday weekend, we had to deliver on Tuesday instead of Monday, so we hauled some butt to get there a little early… for a really awesomely fun reason. We had PCT hiker friends in Portland!

Adam sent out a message to a group of hikers and friends that we could remember off the tops of our heads that lived in Portland. I know we missed some of you, and you must let me know so I can let you know next time we’re in town!

We were really excited to hear almost everyone could make it out to see us! We found a truck stop on the edge of town that had a restaurant next door, and we coordinated a meet up. What fun!


Aloha, Mr. Green, Toots Magoots, Fun Size, Hunny Bunny, Hedgehog, Bramble, and Tanner behind the camera.

We brought everyone out to the back of the truck stop where rows of big rigs where parked and gave them a grand tour of our truck, neatly tucked in with all the others. Then we went to the restaurant, ate food, talked trail memories and caught up on a few “whatchya been up to’s” and discussed our next big adventures we hope and dream to make. More PCT thru hikes, hiking unfinshed PCT miles, the CDT, the Te Aurora, a 50-mile run in the mountains, a marathon in Paris, Macchu Picchu, trail angeling… These are my people!


Field trip-style truck tour!


You could fit A LOT of hikers in a big rig! Next Pickle Jar for trail angeling should be a truck like this! Imagine the rides to town!

After dinner we jumped in a couple of cars and head to a nearby theater to watch a movie. We saw X-Men in 3D. We ate copious amounts of delicious popcorn and I gulped down a ginormous Sprite. My favorite thing ever was right after the movie when Fun Size leaned over and said, “well, guys… I’m gonna do a quick resupply and hit the trail right away… get in a few night hiking miles.”

For a second – just a teeny, tiny moment I fell back to trail life. I was convinced for just that sliver of a moment that yeah… we were all just going to hit the trail after we left that theater. Then I laughed while silently pouting inside. It was good, though. It was an overwhelming comfortable feeling, and I thank you, Fun Size, for that awesome moment. You make me smile.

Saying good bye was sad as always, but my hopes are that we’ll meet up like this again soon. Portlandians – please message me if we missed you! I’m going to start a list!

Later in the evening, Kris and her girls Missa and Erica came out to see us, too. Hedgehog stuck around, so the six of us hung out at the restaurant and drank… get this… pie freakin’ milkshakes! You pick your pie and they mix it into a milkshake! Oh heavenly deliciousness! I had peanut butter, there was a strawberry rhubarb, a peach and a smores. Yum! It was really nice to see Kris and the girls – they were following my blog last year and met me on the trail for some epic personal trail magic. They brought treats, soda, Kris gave me a foot massage, and they hiked with me for quite a nice stretch. It was another cool reunion.


Erica, Missa, Kris and me

A big, huge thanks to everyone for coming out to meet us! You made that the best day of work ever!

Tonight I love clean fingernails. I know it’s totally unrelated to my post, but hey… I have no rules for my “tonight I love.” Anything goes! So really, getting the dirt out from under my fingernails… it feels so nice! I loves it.


Also at the Portland truck stop: in-cab movie time. We saw "Smokey and the Bandit II."




A crazy pretty flowering tree at the truck stop. There's joy everywhere when ya' look.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


3 thoughts on “Portland

  1. Hi Toots!

    I just got back from a 4 day road-trip myself and was thinking of you this weekend, especially around trucks. We went from Arcata, CA up to Seattle, down and over to Astoria, then down the coast back home. So I was recently in Portland too! (We were playing disc golf courses we’ve never played.)

    The scariest thing we saw was a truck that was kind of weaving and changing lanes a lot and having trouble staying in their lane. At one point they even swerved all the way over to the left lane (out of three) and ran this car off the road! Good thing there was a shoulder there. Traffic was light, so I wasn’t sure what was going on. It almost looked intentional. Fortunately, this all happened about 1/4 mile behind us, so I made sure to stay ahead of that guy.

    But I want to ask you, many highways have a speed limit of 65 or 70 for cars, and 55 or 60 for trucks. But it seems to me that trucks are going more than 55. More like 60 or a hair above. Is this intentional, to minimize the difference in speeds? Is it “speeding” to get there faster? Or is my perception just really bad?

    • Truckers should be following the trucker speed limits. We can be ticketed for going over. Those going faster are just speeding to get wherever they’re going faster. I don’t mind the lower truck speed limits as long as there’s at least one extra lane for cars to pass. I’ve seen them on two-lane roads and that doesn’t make sense to me – just encourages dangerous passing.

      • Yeah, I saw some really dangerous passing on 101. I don’t know what’s the hurry. I like to go with the flow. Nice following distance. Not that I won’t pass, but, safety first.

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