Home is wherever we are



On our last break from work we head to Phillips to attend the funeral of Adam’s grandma Grapa. Funerals are always hard, but it was nice to see a lot of the cousins and family on his side that we don’t see very often, and I even got to meet some I haven’t before. That was pretty cool. It was a nice service, and it was good to be home for a couple of days.

I titled this entry “Home is wherever we are” because that’s how we’re currently living. We are no longer staying with friends, although they’ve all extended offers to let us crash now and again – we really do have wonderfully supportive and gracious friends! When we’re there, we’re home. When we’re driving the truck, we’re home. When we’re visiting family, home. You get the idea.

We had an extra day before heading to Phillips for the funeral. We decided to try out another “home” that we’ll be taking advantage of a lot this summer: a campground.

We collected our tent, sleeping bags and camping odds and ends from storage over the past couple of weeks and organized them into the ol’ Pickle Jar. This past Tuesday night we bought a bundle of firewood and a site at High Cliff State Park. This home was fantastic.

It was a Tuesday night, so it was sooo quiet. Adam went for a hike while I went for a run, then we met up and head back to the campsite. We had a fire, complete with roasted sausages, beers and perfectly carmelized, gooey marshmallows. We even got in a game of cribbage. I lost, but it was close.


A relaxed run on the park's trails. This felt SO good!

I wonder where else we’ll find “home” over the next few years? I wonder if we’ll end up getting a cheap apartment? Or maybe a small camper? Who knows… so many possibilities lie ahead, and we really don’t mind where we go or end up. We’re out doing it all together, and it’s pretty fun so far!

Tonight I love the lingering scent of campfire. 


Trilliums are out! Spring is here!



Love love love.


Remnants of a squirrel dinner.


There was a robin that was constantly trying to fight itself in our car side mirror. Thanks, buddy. Jeez!


Oh my gosh. Perfection.


Spring is my favorite season, and green is my favorite color. This makes me feel happy.


Spring limey green fabulousness.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


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