Takin care of business

Our weekend was chock full of to-do list items and we got almost all of it done. We drove to Phillips and swapped out the Jeep for the Vue (Pickle Jar), unloaded some storage items at my folks’ place, visited family, enjoyed bloody marys and a bonfire, did laundry, saw a movie at the theater, attempted to pick up my TWIC card for work, got the Pickle Jar cleaned and its oil changed, Mother’s Day gifts taken care of, grocery shopping, a wonderful “thank you” dinner with Ken, Pam and Crayton for letting us stay with them while we worked our way into this new lifestyle (seriously, you guys rock),  benefits paperwork signed and turned in, mail picked up and gone through, license registration done, and a few odds and ends I’m sure I’m forgetting.

Once we started work, it was Adam’s shift, so he got our load picked up and the trailer all ready to roll. After getting so much done, we finally hit the road in the truck and we both sighed. We were glad to get everything done, but after all that hustle and bustle, driving for work felt easy going. And hopefully our next day off will be a little less busy!

Right now it’s 6pm and my bed time (wow… we just passed a time zone. Now it’s 5pm. So confusing!). Adam and I are trying to get on our schedule that we planned, but we started a little off because of the weird weekend sleep we got. We’re catching up quick, though. I got in about 460 miles today, starting just before sunrise. I drove through Iowa and into Nebraska where the weather turned warm… well, hot, actually! My window arm even got a little pink from the sun! At our shift switch a couple hours ago, we swung into a Pilot, took showers and changed into shorts. I ate healthy and light today, got in a quick little 10-minute workout, and purchased a lumbar support that seems to be helping my back a lot. It’s been a good, productive day.

Adam’s driving now, and I’m tucked in, relaxed by the forward, bumpy movement of my bed. I’m being lulled to sleep by the only consistent sound around me, which is the soft hum of the tires on the pavement below me. The curtain between the cab and bunk keeps out almost all the daylight, and I’ve got my own little temperature control back here set to keep me nice and cool.

I plan to get up around midnight, eat some breakfast, do some exercises, brush my teeth, pre-trip the truck and be driving by 2am. If we can both drive pretty steadily tomorrow, we may have a little window of down time before our appointment!

It’s just another day of life on the road!

Tonight I love that I don’t get car sick. Can you imagine!?

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


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