Somebody pinch me.


I thought it was so cool that my shoe of choice for hiking the PCT was the Cascadia, then we were issued a Cascadia truck. It's gotta be a sign that I'm
on the right path.

I drove into the mountains after dark and parked at a rest area at the top of a giant pass after putt-putting the truck up the hill at 30 mph with my 4-ways glowing and blinking in the night. I wasn’t able to see much of the scenery since it was dark (I stopped driving around 3am), so when we woke up in the morning and hit the road, both Adam and I were smiling and giddy with excitement. We were in Montana with bright white, snow-covered mountains off to the west and south, poking up behind green, tree-covered, rolling hills. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and the roads were dry. It was going to be a great day!

When Adam and I first hit the road westbound out of Kaukauna on Sunday, we’d glance over at each other every once in a while, smile, kind of giggle and say, “we’re really doing it.” Even right now as I write this it’s still sinking in. It’s really cool. I’m not even really sure how to describe it just yet, except that we’re both really happy.


Snowy cold N. Dakota.

We hit rain in Minnesota, and North Dakota brought snow and cold weather. I remember most of Montana as being dark until this morning when we woke up. Our route then took us along a two-lane windy road through the mountains, and up and over a high pass with snowbanks as tall as me. It was blue-skied, sunny and around 50 degrees. The road we were on followed a small snowmelt river that started near the top of the pass, and as we descended, that river grew in size until it was couple hundred feet across. Mountains jutted up on both sides of us, and signs for trailheads stole my gaze. Adam was driving, so I got to fade off into la-la land every once in a while, and just enjoy what was around me… in the truck and out.


Our view for most of the day.

We are stopped for the night in a Walmart parking lot. We did a small amount of shopping, I did a little more organizing in the truck, Adam worked on some trip planning, and after a light dinner and brushed teeth we are curled up in our bunk ready to get some rest before another great day.

I’ve asked myself a few times these past few days, “am I really getting paid for this!?” It just doesn’t feel like a “job” yet, and I wonder how long it will be before it feels like hard work. Thankfully everything has gone smoothly so far, and I imagine that has a lot to do with it. I sure hope it continues – it should, since Adam used up all of our bad luck on his last solo run. He had a tire blow out on him while driving, a short while later another leaky tire, a broken marker light and then a bird pooped on him! I think his rough streak is over. :)

We got to practice a little backing yesterday, and we thought we were going to have to slide our 5th wheel (which neither of us has done before) to adjust the weight on our steer axle after filling our fuel tanks. We were already very close to our max of 12,000 pounds, so we filled up, scaled, and cringed as we looked at the scale ticket. We were still under 12,000! We did a little dance and “woo-hoo’d” to celebrate saving the time and headache before hitting the road again.

Below are a few photos from the past few days. There are many highlights for me so far – driving, fueling, driving some more, scenery, looking over at Adam’s beardy smile, and building a snowman in the mountains while we took a required 30-minute break. I couldn’t pass up that opportunity!

Tonight I love the horse I saw playing in his water trough. He had his two front legs in as he splashed his face in the water. How can you not smile at that?


My bunk net for sleeping while Adam drives. It's a bedbelt, I guess!


What a PERFECT day!


A stop at the pass to slide the tandems and check the brakes.


A great spot for our half-hour break. It was warm despite all the snow!






Teeny little snowman...

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


7 thoughts on “Somebody pinch me.

  1. Cute little snowman!

    I hope you’re old enough to appreciate Jackson Browne’s Running On Empty album. I heard the title song today (…Lookin’ down at the road rushin’ under my wheels…) and wondered where you were. I’m glad you had a great day and I hope it never begins to feel like work. Cheers.

  2. Happy you are finally living “your dream”!! And how cool it is to see a horse with both legs in a water bin and playing! Esp since most of them will tip toe around a dang puddle!!! crazy critters. :) miss ya! Heidi

  3. Hey Kid, glad to hear things are going well, I do like the Cascadia cruzer, “coincident maybe” the scenery looks beautiful, keep rollin, and see ya soon, say hi to the smiling bearded one for us!! love you see you all soon — Pappy —

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