PCTA Photo Contest

I took a couple thousand photos on my PCT thru hike last year, and really enjoyed trying to capture as many memories as I could as I hiked along. Whenever I miss the trail I can scroll through them and allow a wave of happy emotion take over my entire self. Those photos bring back a flood of feelings and help me remember specific details about that day… and that moment. The breeze, the warmth of the sunshine, or even feeling frozen to the core from a constant Washington rain.

I get photo crazy for the same reasons I blog. The main reason is for me to remember. My memory isn’t as good as I’d like it to be, so I try to capture moments, experiences and adventures by way of words and photos. The other reason is because I really enjoy sharing it all.

When I heard that the Pacific Crest Trail Association was holding a photo contest, I gathered a handful of my best and favorite shots from last year and submitted them. Even if I didn’t win, I was happy to share them and allow the PCTA to use these shots for their marketing materials. That’s a win in itself.

But then I received an email saying one of my photos was selected! I was excited! Below is the photo of mine that they selected, and a link to the rest of the amazing photos that won. I know a few of the other winners from the hike last year, so it was really cool to see their names in there, too!


This is my winning photo. I was hiking near the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness through an old burn area. I enjoyed a lot of the burn areas because they were usually blanketed in wild flowers, and the skeletal trees looked beautiful against the sky. Seeing signs of new growth under the remains was uplifting and I always got really good views of mountains and scenes ahead through the vertical mass of barren trees. This tree in particular obviously caught my eye because of the new PCT trail sign nailed to it. I’m not a pro photographer, and I took it with my phone camera (as I did for all of my photos), but I knew when I saw something I thought was cool.

Anyway, I’m kinda’ proud of this, so I thought I’d write about it and take a moment to toot my little horn. :)

Definitely take a look at the rest of the winning photos – they are incredible and WILL make you want to get out there and hike the PCT! (Do it!)

2014 PCTA Photo Contest

(I wasn’t able to view this slideshow on my phone, so I just wanted to note that you may have to look at it on a laptop or other device if it doesn’t work on your phone.)

Today I love motorin’. I’m hittin’ the road with Adam this morning!

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


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