A visit to our new home


Home sweet home... on wheels.

Adam is heading out on his first solo run early tomorrow morning, so when I picked him up tonight he was in our truck! I got to jump in and look around. He was on the phone taking care of some work stuff as I poked around, opened cabinet doors, checked out our tiny refrigerator, laid on the bed, checked out the gauges and switches, and sat in the drivers seat reeeeally wishing I could drive it! But… I’ll have to wait a bit yet. I need to finish school and complete company training first. Then Adam and I will finally hit the road together! More things just keep happening to bring us closer to our new goal – our new adventure.

I asked Adam all cute-like if he’d model his new hard hat for me. He was just a tiny bit more excited that than what his expression says here:

He’s building our tool box and getting some things we’ll need for the road. Zip ties, a funnel, a snippers, a leaf blower (to clean out the reefer trailers, or refrigerated trailers), and a bunch of other stuff. It’s just been fun to start getting these things together.


I wanna driiiiive!


Just hangin' out. So roomy!

Today in class I was given a new truck again, and it’s an International 10-speed. It took some getting used to after driving the 13-speed, figuring out how to keep my foot from slipping off the clutch and realizing the brake and accelerator were much different than the Mack I was in previously. I think I’ve got it down again.

I was also given a new partner today, which made Michael and I pretty sad (we’ve been partners from the start), but my new partner is Nicole and she’s pretty awesome, too, so it’ll be fun. We’ve ridden together before and have actually turned heads – yes, we’re two chicks in a truck. Take a picture! It’s so fun! One guy was shoveling, saw us and stopped, and his head just locked in and followed us as we drove past. We cracked up. Maybe we should wear clown wigs to really make people wonder what the heck is going on!

A few of us drove to Oshkosh today and picked up a load. That was really fun. I think the four of us students that went felt pretty privileged to have that fun experience.

Last but not least – tomorrow I drive a truck nice and quick across a wet, slippery surface and have the brakes locked up on me, forcing me into a near-jacknife skid. Whoa. I’ve been looking forward to this since before I started this course! If it works out, I’ll try to sneak a photo or two to share.

Note to self: pack extra undies. Not cuz I’m scared, but cuz I’m so excited I could pee. ;)

Tonight I love hugs. Just because I do. There’s no reason to have to explain that one.


Adam workin' hard. Our truck comes equipped with a keyboard. High-tech stuff!



Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


3 thoughts on “A visit to our new home

  1. Pretty Cool Kid. I am excited for you!! keep rolling, hey just a thought, I think a disco pickle sticker would look great on Adams helmet. sending you a big hug today. see you soon. love you — Pappy —

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