An Instagram A Day on the PCT

On my very first day hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (2013), I got the idea to post one Instagram each day, mostly so that I didn’t flood social networks with a bazillion photos that I knew I’d want to share. It was a fun exercise in control since I know that I have a tendency to get post-crazy, especially when I’m doing sometime so fun like hiking. Each night on the trail, after writing my blog entry, I’d look through all of my photos from that day and choose one that stood out for some reason. I thought about what I wanted to do with them all when I was done hiking, and I have plans to frame them into one giant collage photo to remember my 2013 thru-hike of the PCT.

I wanted to add the entire project to my blog somehow, but I hiked 165 days. Posting all 165 daily photos seemed like a bit too much. I thought it would be fun to share a portion of the project instead, so I chose 30 of them for this entry (the captions are the original captions from when I posted them). If you’d like to see them all, as well as others I will post in my upcoming adventures and daily life, follow me on Instagram. My user name is rgrapa.

I hope you enjoy!

PCT Snowman

Day 14: Our first snow sighting – I couldn’t help it – I had to build a mini snowman.


PCT solo day

Day 29: A nice, long solo day… just me and my shadow.


PCT Aquaduct

Day 39: Hiking along the Los Angeles aquaduct. No water for 20 miles… except for the tons inside this giant metal tube we’re hiking on and have no access to! Darnit!


PCT Horned Toad

Day 40: He’s just the cutest horned toad in the Mojave desert!


PCT Gnarly Tree

Day 52: So many crazy-awesome trees today!


PCT Heart Lake Dive

Day 62: I couldn’t resist a perfect diving rock into chilly Heart Lake… above 10,000 feet in elevation!


PCT Marie Lakes

Day 63: Coming down off Selden Pass to Marie Lakes.


PCT flowers

Day 69: Crazy pretty little flowers that grow between rocks.


PCT flowers

Day 77: Flowers galore!


PCT Desolation Wilderness

Day 80: I <3 Desolation Wilderness.


PCT Ramen Noodles

Day 83: Ramen noodles in the setting sun… ahhh…


PCT camp

Day 87: Great little spot for camp.


PCT waterbug

Day 89: Waterbug in a still pool at Feather River.


PCT Shoes and gaiters

Day 90: Saying good-bye to these old friends. Thanks for the epic 800 miles, ol’ shoes!


PCT Trail shot

Day 92: A little pathway known as the Pacific Crest Trail – 20″ across and 2,650 miles long. Also my temporary home. :)


PCT Mt Shasta from Hat Creek Rim

Day 97: Well hello there, Mt. Shasta! (Hello to you as well, Mr. Giant Raincloud!)


PCT Burney Falls

Day 99: Burney Falls. 10 million gallons of water per day pours over that edge – all from a spring only one mile upstream. Amazing!


PCT roadside

Day 102: Hiking out of the forest and into town… still magical.


PCT Etna fire smoke

Day 108: Tears and G-Bird hiking into the wildfire smoke.


PCT Three Sisters Lake

Day 124: Morning fog rolling off one of the several glassy lakes in Three Sisters Wilderness. Amazing sight.


PCT sky

Day 129: A day of beautiful skies.


PCT Fuzzy Flowers

Day 130: The cutest little fuzzy flowers.


PCT Oregon

Day 132: Dear Oregon, You are perfect. Don’t ever change. Love, Toots Magoots. <3 XOXO <3


PCT Mt Hood

Day 133: Mt. Hood and some fabulous sunshine.


PCT Sign

Day 142: A morning sunbeam highlights a unique trail marker, leading me closer to Canada.


PCT burn area

Day 145: The last mile of a 26-mile day was through a really old burn area full of vibrant color… and loads of huckleberries!


PCT bee and flower

Day 146: I didn’t realize I caught this little buzzer on camera until later in the day looking at my photos… photobomb extraordinaire.


PCT Pika

Day 151: A super-duper-cute squeakity little pika. This pudger was in his hole but popped out so I could take his photo.


PCT Glacier Peak Wilderness

Day 157: A happy-jump for one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen. Glacier Peak Wilderness, Washington. Wow.


PCT Washington Trail

Day 158: There’s nothing in the world like hiking down a path, towards mountains, with everything you need to survive carried on your back. This is freedom.


There are 135 more like this – if you’d like to see the rest of them, find me on Instagram. My username is rgrapa.

Tonight I love reliving memories through photos. When I looked at each of these, I was able to recall almost the entire day.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


3 thoughts on “An Instagram A Day on the PCT

  1. Thanks Robin for sharing your pic’s. I more of a youtuber myself. Could you possible create a 165 day slide show to go along with some music? Might be a little difficult to find one song to fit them all but then you did hike the PCT… Thanks

    • I hope to do a video using more photos and some video. I’m still going through everything I took. There’s A LOT. :)

      Oh, if you go to Damien Pickle on youtube, there’s some videos up from before the trip and a handful of weekly videos. My husband’s still working on the weekly vids, so there will be more to come.

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