Questions? Please ask!

Now that I’m done hiking the PCT, maybe you have a question or two, or more, that you’ve been wondering about… or maybe one just popped in your head… ask away. Ask anything – I’ll do my best to answer.

You can comment here, or if you’d like to be more anonymous, email me at

I’ll collect questions over the next week or two and answer them in a future blog entry.

Serious questions, fun questions… hike related, life related, whatever. It’ll help get me thinkin’ more. Thanks in advance!

Now let ’em go!


Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


18 thoughts on “Questions? Please ask!

  1. Hi. Loved your blog. One of the very finest. Thank you so much.

    You did leave some unfinished business, and I’m sure I’m not the only puzzle geek out there who is a little frustrated. I’ve been thinking about some, so let me try:

    Backpack touches, boots don’t touch.


  2. Weight loss and fitness; i’m asking this mostly to convince my wife to go; ….without getting into your specifics….i’ve always imagined this journey would turn anyone buff and fit…..did it for you? Maybe another way to ask….were you already in share and never lost weight….or would my average wife, sort of in shape, maybe 5 pounds over ideal….would she be thrilled by the quick shedding of pounds?

  3. Whatever happened to Lion King??? I met him at some trail-magic at hwy 173 just after deep creek, and he was just behind you by a day or so.
    I’m really gonna miss your post so do you think this blog can evolve into a trucking adventure blog??? What would you call it???
    Congrats on All your Accomplishments and Thank you Very Much!!!

  4. Oh yes, I have a few!
    1) I know before you started the PCT you were already able to do 20 mile days, but how did your body fare those first few days/weeks on the trail logging that type of mileage? At what point did that type of mileage start to feel comfortable and routine? (Congrats on those 30-40+ mile days too, that’s super baller!)
    2) Did you ever get lost? How easy/hard is it to accidentally stray from the trail?
    3) Your planning process seemed extremely organized. Any favorite resources/programs that really helped you out with that?
    4) I’m extremely curious about your choice of footwear, the Cascadias. I know they got an A+ in comfort from you, but how do they hold up in sketchy/slick terrain, river crossings, muck, etc?
    5) What was your scariest wildlife encounter?
    6) Are there any trail towns you loved so much you plan to revisit?
    7) What was the most physically demanding section of the trail?
    8) I’m in awe and envy of the tight-knit PCT community. If a person decides to thru-hike solo without knowing anyone when they started, is it relatively easy to meet up/hike/camp with other PCT-ers along the way if loneliness sets in?
    9) Now that you’re off the trail, what’s the luxury you’re most excited about indulging in? (besides your lovely husband :) )
    10) What is the number one piece of advice you would give to anyone who tells you they’re planning to thru-hike the PCT?

    Sorry, I know I have a lot of questions (feel free to just pick and choose)! I’m also very interested in seeing your answers to the other Q’s as well. You are amazing and I think you’re a terrific resource, so thanks in advance for taking the time to answer our burning questions. :)

  5. What were your best sources of information (trail conditions, news on other hikers, town info, etc) both in the planning stages and on trail?

    What would you do differently next time?

    What was your approximate budget?

    Why Disco “Pickle”? Why not Disco “Radish” or Disco “Kumquat” …. :)

    Also agree with Joel, gear reviews would be awesome.


  6. Food, food, food! What did you eat, what did you love, and what did you hate? You had amazing descriptions of the town stop food, but I didn’t see much about trail food, except snacks (oh, that salty bar!). Great job on finishing the trail!

  7. What was your favorite trail meal? Least favorite? You guys mentioned a lot of springs along the way – did you filter even these, or drink straight from the spring?

  8. 1) Equipment reviews!!! (I am buying my equipment for PCT 2014 so need to know about stoves and headlamps and stuff :) 2) Also, did you dream about hiking when you slept? I knew a guy who dreamed about peddling when he biked across the country. 3) how weird is it to be off trail?

  9. I’d like to know what equipment you thought was really needed or required but then when you got into the reality of the hike you either discarded or changed. What’s the most overrated and underrated equipment even at the minutiae level if applicable. What was your biggest surprise if the hike that was unexpected (besides the govt shutting down and blocking your path to the finish). What were some of the little things from a process standpoint or equipment point that made your hike easier or more manageable?

  10. What’s the plan for you & Adam now? With the exception of having family in Wisconsin it seems to me you both aren’t bound to any place in particular anymore. You two can start over anywhere you want. Any ideas?

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