First day post-hike

Fri. 10/4/13


Dinner with PRT (Pan, Hoops, Manchurian, and Dishcloth), Aloha, Cuddles and Atlas.

So what to do… what to do… first of all, processing feelings hasn’t started happening much yet. I’m still in Canada doing PCT stuff. It never has to end… right?

Breakfast! Food!

Adam and I went to the restaurant here at Manning Park with Tears, Lionheart and Canadoug. At breakfast, Team PRT showed up to do the monument trek. We said a quick hello before they head out.

Then we said our good-bye to Lionheart as she got on the Greyhound to Vancouver. Then we said a “see ya at home in a while” to Tears when her boyfriend Jon’s aunt and uncle came to pick her up. No tears… after all, we were going to see each other soon…

Adam and I went to fun work. Cuddles and Atlas were still hiking and we were going to meet them and help them out. These two are amazing. They hiked something like a 38-mile day yesterday and were on track to another 30+ mile day with about 20 of those miles on Hwy. 3. We first met up with them when they had about 19 miles to go. We gave them hot cocoa, Cokes and chips, then took their packs so they could slackpack and help their feet for that road walk. The second time we met them, I joined them for about 6.5 miles. It was really nice to hike and talk with them. I just love these guys.

Back at the hotel, PRT joined us in our room for some celebratory beers. Atlas and Cuddles were there soon after. We talked about the craziness of this year’s hike and went to dinner.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to hike to the monument one more time with Cuddles and Atlas. I just can’t get enough! These guys both have PCT histories, and I’m so proud of them for getting past all of the obstacles and completing their continuous line from the monument in Mexico to the monument in Canada, whatever it takes. These big road walks are totally brutal and they’re making it happen.

After their long few days getting to Canada, they were pretty tuckered out. They may want to kill me for posting this, but I can’t help myself:





I’m thinking about Rocket Llama tonight. Search & Rescue, along with some hikers are heading into some deep snowy conditions to look for her tomorrow morning. She’s been missing, but air search found footprints and have high hopes they know where she is. I’m also thinking about friends that head out into that snow where we turned around… and are still out there. Hopefully they’re almost to that monument, followed by warm food, a dry hotel room, a hot shower, and a much-deserved celebration. Please say a prayer for all those hikers still out there! And dangit, you all, email when you get out!

Tonight I love PCT celebrations. I’ve had a few these past days, and I hope there will be a few more in the future.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


11 thoughts on “First day post-hike

  1. Rocket Llama is found alive!!! and doing well enough to hike out on her own. She posted to her fb and the site wrote about her rescue. Hooray!!!

  2. The pics of Cuddles and Atlas are awesome. The true view of what it takes to accomplish a thru hike. Each and everyone of you have my utmost respect. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!

  3. Wonderful to see you all! What a great group!
    Joel joined me at Stehekin and we finished last Friday, just in the front edge of that storm.
    Congrats!! Stay in touch!

  4. Congrats Toots, Tears and Aloha! Glad to see you completed your thru-hike with perseverance and determination! Not that this would be required, but since it’s not out of your blood yet, and consideration on going past the monument? Oh yeah…the immigration thing. Does the snow get worse quickly too after the monument? I don’t want it to end either as the stories are so fun to read. Did “Canadoug” thru hike this year? First I’ve heard of him on the trail this year. Same guy in”Skywalker’s” novel on the PCT from several years ago? Congrats again!!!!!


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