Day 162: My last PCT Zero Day

Mon. 9/30/13
0 miles, currently at Mile 2599.3, Rainy Pass


I had to add this new piece of gear to my gear kit. Sometimes the littlest things give me butterflies in my tummy.

Yup, our last zero day. At least that’s the plan. It was a pretty simple day. Aloha and I woke up and I organized some trail food, we got our stuff in the car and had breakfast. We then went to room 3 at the Duck Brand hotel to hang with the others until our room was ready. A quick grocery store stop for tortillas and I was back in room 3 for another game of Monopoly. With no frosting or gamepiece trades, I wasn’t doing so well.


We didn't finish but Cuddles and Atlas were definitely in contention for a win.

A little while later the game was paused because Fun Size’s girlfriend showed up with some warm gear from home. Wow. We are so very grateful. I borrowed socks, a pair of warmer base-layer pants, a hat that looks like a weird gourd and some waterproof snowboarding mittens. My pack is ultimately stuffed, but I feel pretty confident that I’ll be warm, so I’m okay with it… for now. I’m sure my shoulders will rebel, but I can handle 60 miles of it. Right? I’m only a little confident… I have more determination that I hope will take over and carry me there. Yup, grandma Drexler, the proverbial red wagon is being dragged behind me.


Laura and Fun Size with a basket of warmies. Thank You!!

So here we go… I just will not be satisfied until I get up into those newly snow-covered mountains and try to hike to Canada. If I get turned around because of conditions and have to hike on a road for 100 miles, so be it. I’m going to hike to that monument. Maybe I’ll just pretend this last stretch will be like training for the Frozen Otter adventure race. Maybe I should sign up for that in January… I’ve got so many random thoughts running through my mind. I need to focus and just hike tomorrow. Simple as a pimple. Pop and move on. Did I just say that? Weird.

Dinner was at a Mexican restaurant and I stuffed myself with delicious steak tacos and a ginormous margarita.



Thanks to all of my followers, here and on facebook. I’ve gotten so many encouraging comments from people, prayers, and willingness to help us in every way people can think of. It’s really amazing and totally humbling and I love every single one of you! I’m so happy to be sharing this journey with all of you, so you know what!? Let’s all get out on that PCT tomorrow and hike to Canada! I’m taking you all with me, just as I have this whole trip. Let’s do this!! ♡

Tonight, again, I love you, my readers and fellow hikers, rooting for us, praying for us and thinking about us. It really is a huge boost, so thank you.

Next time you hear from me, hopefully it will be a photo of me kissing that Northern Monument in Canada just like I did at the Southern Monument at the Mexican border. [Tummy Butterflies]


The death of my 3rd pair of shoes, only because they were replaced with waterproof boots for the 8,000 feet of snow predicted.


Lighthouse is geared up and ready to go. All the important parts covered and warm.


Sweet gourd hat.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)

10 thoughts on “Day 162: My last PCT Zero Day

  1. A nice stretch of weather in the forecast starting Thu. I can only reiterate what all the other kind folks here have said. It sounds like you plan to go in a group, which should make it safer for all. I’ve been reading your blog since April and I developed a sense from May on that you would make it all the way thru. I feel certain of it now.

  2. I’m predicting an EPIC finish!!! You guys will see things that MOST PCT hikers will never get to see. WOW!!
    Praying for you and excited as I sit over the mountains from you watching the weather and cheering each time it clears a bit!!
    I sort of feel the same as when I was waiting for my son to finish! I’ll be SO excited for you and thankful to know that you MADE it!!
    Thanks for taking us with you!!!
    You ARE loveable, btw!!! :)

  3. I can’t wait to read that you are safe and sound. This has been an adventure of a lifetime! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. ~Kathe

  4. Hey! You girls are BOX girls! You’ve got this! :) Loveya Robin and Rachel! Get out there and get it done! Pooping back and forth. Forever. :) YES!!! LOVEYA!!! be safe

  5. I have been silently lurking and watching your entire journey!! Good luck! Stay safe for this final leg! Can’t wait to see your pictures from the monument when you make it to Canada!

  6. Thanks for taking all of us along on this amazing journey Robin! I have to admit that I teared up a little bit seeing the fact that this is the end of it! Way to rock this journey….it has been so fun to follow you!

  7. Will have ALL of you in mind today…sending brain waves focused full of encouragement and blessings for tolerable conditions. Thanks SO MUCH for sharing your journey here!

  8. YES!! Canada ahoy!

    And your readers love you too! Even though we’ve never met I can’t even tell you how much excitement following your journey has brought to my life! It’s been wonderful to live the PCT vicariously through you.

    Safe snowy travels, and I can’t wait to see your epic Monument 78 photo!

  9. Robin, Tears and all your PCT Friends, I’m thinking about you and praying that God guides you through to the successful completion of this journey. Be safe.

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