A quick update

I have five or six blog entries waiting on my phone to be posted, but I haven’t had the data coverage to do it yet. I’m in Stehekin, Washington, posting this on a land-line computer in their rec room. This town is really cool. The road ends at our trail where a bus picked us up and brought us into town. The only way into Stehekin is by trail, ferry or plane. So it’s pretty secluded.


Anyway, there’s been a ton of hype about the weather coming up. In fact, a large group of thru-hikers left here yesterday for Portland, Seattle, or even home. That’s a hard decision to make when there’s only 80 miles left. But our forecast is calling for tons of rain and snow, so you can’t really blame anyone. Tears and I and a few others are hiking the 19 miles out of Stehekin this morning to Rainy Pass where we’re meeting up with Aloha. We’ll go into town from there and re-evaluate our situation, check weather reports and decide what to do. For now, it’s sounding likely that we’ll sit for a day or two and wait for the blizzard to calm the heck down, then head out and get as far as the trail will allow us. If we have to turn around, we do, then hopefully take an alternate route. A bigger, better map has already been purchased, so we have a visual of some possible alternate routes.


It’s getting kind of crazy, and kind of scary. I didn’t think any of us would be in this position if we were planning on being done the first week in October. But it sounds like winter is here early, so here we are. Scrambling to beat the snow.


I’ll update more, hopefully tonight or tomorrow. I just wanted to put out a quick post to let my readers, family and friends know I’m still doing well (even after the toughest stretch I’ve had so far), and we have a rough plan to be as safe as we can in these upcoming conditions. So you’ll hear from me again soon!


Love to you all!


8 thoughts on “A quick update

  1. Appreciate the update…..am tracking many hikers that I met throughout California who are so close and I see the weather is very nasty…hoping for clear trails and skies soon for you and Tears For Beers! Snow cannot stop hearty Midwesterners!

  2. We are all keeping our fingers crossed for all of you who have made it this far. A few zero days will make all the difference in both your stamina and the trail conditions. Hope you have access to some crampons and ice axes for this last stretch. You WILL make it to the end!!

  3. Please stay safe! This type of weather is really early this year, especially the two feet of snow. I’m a Washingtonian through and through and cannot believe the fall we’re having. It’s so wet! Stay safe, and know that you’re a thru hiker even if you don’t hike the last 80 miles this year. No one will blame you for leaving in such bad weather- there is a fine line between thru hiker and too far. I’ve been following your blog for the whole trail, and it’s one of my favorites. You’ve definitely gotten me psyched up for my hike in 2014. I’m sending you and all the other hikers in Stehekin thoughts of safety and warmth.

    -BackUp (Campo-Wrightwood 2012, class of 2014 hopeful)

  4. You know what I am thinking, please make the safe decision even if it means another 0 day. Things will calm down eventually. I said a little prayer to Stephanie today for you. Take care

  5. You are a real inspiration for stepping outside your comfort zone and living beyond your dreams. You will make the right decision and what ever you do please be safe.

  6. Be careful! I have also been reading A Walk on the Wild Side blog. I think she’s a bit behind you and already grappling with the weather. On one hand, it would suck to go so far and not be able to finish. On the other hand, it’s not worth dying for. You are still a thru-hiker, whether you make it to Canada in one season or not.

  7. Robin,
    We are sitting in Madison with Oatmeal and Dandygreens reading your blog. We hope you can hang in there and make it. Be safe. We are thinking and saying a few prayers for you and Tears.

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