Day 153: Sore sittin’ buns

Sat. 9/21/13
0 miles, currently at Mile 2476.0, Stevens Pass/Hwy. 2



Yes, my buns ache from sitting so much today. It’s been fabulous. I got a bunch of stuff done, but for the most part, Adam and I sat on the bed and watched tv. Let’s see…

I woke up and made coffee. As Adam slept in, I laid out all my gear to air out, organized it all and sink-washed my gaiters and buff. I went through food (why is food always so stinkin’ heavy!?), made a short list for the store, and separated our resupply box from my parents into two equal piles – one for me, and one for Tears. I ate some of grandma’s zucchini bread that also came in that box – thanks, grandma! Yum!



After a shower, we head to Zeke’s drive in, where I had a corn dog and onion rings and shared a rhubarb shake with Adam. Yep, rhubarb! It tasted like rhubarb crisp and was really good! We might go back tomorrow for more.


Corn dog!

A stop at the grocery store got me filled up on a few trail perishables (bread and cheese), along with some soda, pizza rolls, popcorn, cottage cheese and plums… my latest trail craving. They were really good plums, too! At one point I was sitting on the hotel bed, eating pizza rolls from a paper plate while watching tv and rerolling small rolls of toilet paper for the trail. I can still multitask!


Plum yum yum.

Oh, I also took a bath today and soaked my feet so I could pumice them a bit. That felt nice. Wow… I actually did quite a bit today!

Okay… so back on trail tomorrow. I will be facing some more of Washington’s challenging weather. Snow and cold temps are in the forecast, and I’m already preparing myself mentally. I’m keeping my extra fleece packed, warmer socks and an extra pair of silkweight pants for under my rainpants. I think I’ll get through it okay. I’ve winter camped back at home in Wisconsin and have hiked overnight in January for The Frozen Otter. I don’t know if that makes me prepared for potentially a week and a half of wintery weather in the Cascades or not, but one thing is for sure…

I will hike to Canada.

Tonight I love fruit. It’s usually too heavy to carry on the trail, so I try to enjoy it on town visits. Mmmm, plums…


Zeke's in Goldbar.


This was in our resupply box today. Neato.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


3 thoughts on “Day 153: Sore sittin’ buns

  1. Yes, you WILL make it!
    Love Zeke’s. Used to stop there often on the way back from hikes with my dad, back in the day. Now I stop there with my 8 yr old daughter after we do a hike.
    Sending you positive vibes for the North Cascades. It is beautiful country!

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