Day 152: A muddilicious hike to town

Fri. 9/20/13
15.9 miles (Miles 2460.1 – 2476.0)
Below Piper Pass – Stevens Pass/Hwy. 2


Beautiful morning sky.

It was a quiet and distracting morning for me. I kept stopping for photos, mushrooms, berries and wide-open inspirational vistas over ridges. After hiking into a valley and seeing the sun kiss the tips of the peaks we camped under, we climbed again. The whole day pretty much repeated itself this way, and seems to be the fun way Washington hiking has been going. Climbing out here is always well worth the effort, as are the descents, actually. Climbing has always brought us up high to a great view of the surrounding mountains. It always puts things in perspective for me… all of those other mountains… so many I could be standing on beside this particular one. I am a small insignificant speck, and feel humbled and so fortunte to be in such an amazing place, able to explore.



The descents have brought us down into valleys with sparkling lakes, moss, rivers and streams, and of course, mushrooms! Today in particular we had a lot of muddy trails. I’ve never really minded mud, on fact I kind of like it. It reminds me of childhood when my brother, cousins and I would have mud fights and be completely covrred in it. I had a couple of short slips, but nothing close to bringing me down. But even if I did go down, I’d probably have to laugh. What’s so bad about a muddy bum? Anyway… it was a scenic hiking day with a lot to look at and enjoy.



Refective valley lake.

We began the approach to Stevens Pass where we started seeing chair lifts, and there was even s helicopter entertaining us as it flew up and down the mountainside transerring supplies for a new lift. We were getting so close to civilization. We climbed up and over another mountain and then switched back down to a parking lot where Aloha was once again, faithfully waiting.


Beautiful, natural landscaping as we climbed up and over towards Stevens Pass.

We went to the lodge where Tears was meeting her boyfriend’s aunt and uncle. While Adam and I spend some time by ourselves for a “date day,” she’s going to stay with them. It worked out pretty good. Adam and I left the lodge after they all met up, got to our hotel, and after a long, hot shower, we head for a Mexican restaurant. Mmmm, after filling up on chips, salsa, beans, quesadilla, chicken, rice… and a 32-ounce mango margarita, we went back to our room and watched mindless tv.



Want to know why I am feeling so thankful once again to have shelter for tonight? We just saw a flash of lightning followed by a BOOM so loud that car alarms were going off on the parking lot! Wow… and here’s something crazy – our forecast for this week calls for snow. One of the days shows a 100% chance of it.

Here we go!

Tonight I love looking forward to days to come. I’ve been enjoying the crap out of my present moments while feeling giddy about days to come this whole trip, and I don’t think that’s going to change much once its done.


In-tent breakfast lineup.


A little goose figurine in a tree hole right along the trail. It's weird, so I like it.


So many mushrooms again!


These blueberry-or-whatever shrubs really brighten up the hillsides in their vibrant reds amd greens!


Thos guy would not leave my toes... I even tried pushing him off, and he wouldn't go. I practically had to run away!


My favorite view from today.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


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