Day 146: A magical end to the day

Sat. 9/14/13
23.4 miles (Miles 2360.2 – 2383.6)
Spring at PCT Mile 2360.2 – Forest Road 54


A family!

Washington has had quite the awesome trail magic. Today we had two places that treated us to much-needed energy-boosting magic. One spot was just a simple cooler full of sodas and beer with some grapes, cookies, and baby carrots. It was earlier in the day just before a long, hot and sunny climb. A Dr. Pepper was the perfect caffeinated boost I needed. Thank you, Gollywobbler.


Trail magic #1!

Then in the afternoon we hit 23 miles as we hiked down to a forest road. There was a tent with PCT bandanas strung up along the edge of it. Lee and Leann were there, whom we met earlier at their awesome trail magic at Crest Camp. Stumbling Norwegian (PCT ’09 and ’10) was the host of this one. Chairs, a giant tarp tent, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, stew, beer, soda, pastries, chips, brownies, veggies and dip, candy, cookies, grapes, and freshly trail-made kahlua. It didn’t take much convincing to decide to stay here. Norwegian is making breakfast and coffee, too, so a few of us are going to cowboy camp under his tarp. Tears, Giddyup, Wokka Wokka, Kudu, Alphabet Soup, and Verde are here, too. It’s really cool. This is the first time I’ve really just sat somewhere midtrail and didn’t worry about the few extra miles I could get. This is perfect. Stumbling Norwegian, you rock. And thank you, Honey Bee for those peanut butter M&M cookies!


Appropriate drink choice.


Stumbling Norwegian grilling burgers for us hiker trash.

By the way, I am writing this at midnight. Real midnight, too, not hiker midnight, which is actually dark. Stumbling Norwegian just giggled all evil-like because he successfully kept us all smiley and happily awake this late. It really kicks butt.

Let’s see, the rest of the day… mushrooms again! Wow! We also hiked to some great exposed, rocky hillsides. There were a few older logged areas that would normally be not-so-scenic, but they gave us open views, sunshine, clouds and flowers… and apparently bees. I was taking a photo of a flower when this bee totally photobombed my photo. I thank him, because this has become one of my favorite photos.


Bee photobomb!

Other tidbits…

I ate oatmeal for breakfast again. It’s easier with good conversation simply because it distracted me. Thankfully there’s eggs and bacon tomorrow morning. That will be a great switchup.

I have a cavity. I’ve actually had it for a while, but it’s gotten kind of bad. Every once in a while when I drink something cold it feels like someone is stabbing me in the tooth with a needle. It’ll be fine until I get home, but I look forward to getting that fixed!

I practically ran a mile to an outhouse that was listed on our maps, but it never showed up. I finally dropped my pack, frantically grabbed my trowel and head uphill into the woods. That’s when I spotted the pipe from… yup! The outhouse! Yay! As always, it was kind of nasty… it would have been better to go in the woods, but whatevs… we do what we do out here!

The terrain mixed with really hot weather made for a pretty tough day. It was one of those days I was really glad that I didn’t see the elevation profile for the day. There was a lot of climbing, and really steep at times, too. But it was great. Each time we climbed up and out of another section of forest we got great views of the jagged mountains off on the horizon.


Whispy clouds and views.

I needs me some sleeps… so g’night for now!

Tonight I love homemade brownies.


Another mushroom.


And another...


Talking mushroom.


One of my favs...


Trail magic tent.



Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


3 thoughts on “Day 146: A magical end to the day

  1. When I forwarded this entry, our daughter Swipe and husband Tradja were all smiles to see photos of the Stumbling Nor. They recall him from their 2010 thru hike, mostly in the beginning in SoCal. They heard of him later on also. Seem to recall he was making a video?? They cannot believe your good fortune re weather. They were totally pounded while hiking this section.

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