Day 142: Town again, jiggity-jig

Tue. 9/10/13
8.3 miles (Miles 2294.7 – 2303.0)
PCT Mile 2294.7 – White Pass


Purple-flowered hillside filled with bumblebees.

I was excited this morning. I’m excited every morning, because I wake up and hike. Today I got to do just that, but I also got to hike out to see Adam. A full week is one of the longest stretches in between resupplying and seeing each other. On the way to the trailhead we passed through one last glimpse of beautiful Goat Rocks – up through forest, and out into open views again – this seems to be the routine lately, and that’s okay with me!


First open morning views.

We hiked over a small pass that put Mt. Rainier in our sights again. Seeing these big mountains each day is really exciting. Every time they pop back into view after coming out of another section of forest or over a ridge it seems to grow and look so different with each new angle.


The other side of the ridge.

I started getting “town legs” and naturally picked up my pace once we dropped in elevation, entered more forest and started down towards Hwy. 12 on switchbacks. Before I knew it, I could see the pickle jar through the trees! A huge set of smiles and a giant hug was shared between me and Adam, then the three of us discussed a town plan.

We head into Yakima. We ate at a diner first thing, where I fulfilled my cravings of brewed coffee, a salad, and cottage cheese. I uploaded my daily instagrams (rgrapa if you wanna follow me there), posted some photos to facebook, uploaded blog entries, and then we head to the grocery store.

It’s getting weird. Tears and I planned on getting the few things we needed for our next stretch. We separated in the store, and when we ran into each other, we both had huge baskets full of goodies – way more than what we’d need for 5 days. She actually got a cart at that point. Why is that weird? We were both shopping with the same thing in mind: This is a big grocery store, and a good opportunity to stock up on a few things for our… last… four… stretches… of trail.

Holy crap.

At our hotel, we separated food and discussed a tentative plan that takes us to Manning Provincial Park, Canada. It’s so close now that plans are being made. That gives me the crazy-feels.

…but there’s still lots of fantastic trail to hike, so I’m going to try hard at not getting too ahead of myself.

Tomorrow’s plan is to organize more, set up one more resupply, eat, and get back on trail as usual. For now… swimming in pillows and sleeping in a bed is my next project.

Tonight I love an ice cold beer. It was a craving I had on trail this week, and it’s now cured. It was great on this hot day, too. Aaaah.


There's a bumble bee in the shadows there somewhere. Should have used my flash.


Colorful hillside.


Blue layers.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


4 thoughts on “Day 142: Town again, jiggity-jig

  1. Hi Robin! Just recently started following your blog, but decided to start from the very, very beginning and read every post before and on your PCT journey. I hope to be caught up before you actually finish. :) Thanks for keeping such an inspired, beautiful, and detailed trail blog! It’s my favorite thing to dig into first thing in the morning. I can’t believe how close you are to the northern terminus! Happy trails for the remainder of Washington!

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