Day 132: Oregon… you amaze me.

Sat. 8/31/13
21.0 miles (Miles 2095.5 – 2116.5)
PCT Mile 2095.5 – Sandy River


Vibrant berries with a magestic Mt. Hood backdrop. Perfection.

Seriously, Oregon, calm down with the colors, scenes, mountains of magnificence, edible berries, weather variances, fun trails, great people, and everything else awesome I haven’t discovered yet. You’re killin’ me. I’m leaving you for Washington in a couple of days, and you’re going to make me miss you too much… but really… I guess it’s going to be okay. I’ll just have to come back.

I woke up late this morning. I must’ve been overtired and needed the extra sleep because I slept through two watch alarms while it sat right next to my face. Sometimes my body outsmarts my mind. Mind says go, body says no… yawn… snore. I wanted to be on the trail at 5am, and I got going at 6:30am instead. It all worked out just fine. Since I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to catch Tears with my late start, I took my time hiking and farted around a bunch. I took photos, stopped and looked at small things, paused at open views, and took a nice morning coffee break. With all of that, I still made it to Timberline Lodge by 11:30 to meet Tears, Aloha, Boo Boo and Hedgehog. They were waiting at the end of the trail for me as I hiked in. Aaah, great morning – with great views of Mt. Hood, too!


Early morning view of Mt. Hood


A closer look a few hours later

At the lodge we got in line for a lunch buffet. I was disappointed because my tummy filled up way too fast, but what I was able to shovel in was really good. After eating, all of us went out to the Pickle Jar where Tears and I did a quick resupply, charged our phones, drank a PBR we found in the hiker box, and visited. We made one more visit to the lodge so we could fill our water bottles and get one last shot of caffeine before getting back on the trail.

The Timberline Lodge is beautiful, by the way. I believe it’s made out of iron wood… but I’m not entirely sure. There are gorgeous wood carvings all over, giant beams, a huge stone chimney in the center of the building, and just impressive craftsmanship all over. There were people there skiing still (on Mt. Hood), and I guess in the winter you can only see the roof because of the amount of snowfall they get. All the windows of all three stories are covered in snow. Another fun fact – the front of this lodge was used in the movie The Shining! Cool, hey!?


The smelly corner...

Boo Boo and Hedgehog had to leave the trail earlier this year because Boo Boo had to heal a stress fracture in her foot, but she’s better now. They wanted to jump in on a section with us, so they brought their gear and did! It was really awesome to see them again, and we are really enjoying their company. I only wish we could have more time with them, but we made a commitment for Monday. We’ll do our best to make the most of our couple of days with them!


The four of us geared up and ready to hike!

Today’s hike with them after the Lodge was gorgeous. We had a deep blue sky, a great view of Mt. Hood, rivers, waterfalls, ridges and forest. We even got an opening with a clear enough view to not only see Mt. Saint Helens, but Mt. Rainier, too! So in all today, I saw a faint Sisters way off in the distance where I came from, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Hood, Mt. Saint Helens, and Mt. Rainier! These mountains out here are so cool because they just stick out from everything else around them.


Waterfalls, green trees, red berries, blue sky...

We hiked out about 10 miles from the lodge and are camped by Sandy River. The sound of it is lulling me to sleep as I write this, so hopefully I don’t trail offfffffffff…. just kidding! I am going to go to sleep soon though. I’m sure tomorrow has more overwhelmingly Oregon-ish prettiness to surround me with, and I need to be alert to soak in as much of it as I can. Yay!

Tonight I love the straight nozzle on my Camelbak water bladder. I love it even more because it’s new and doesn’t leak!


My favorite nozzle. Sometimes it's the littlest things...


Can you guess what this is?


Morning break


These remind me of pinwheels.


That's all!? 550? Aww...


Sugary root beer sucker Aloha got me. Yummeroo!


Boo Boo and Hedgehog hiking along a giant slanty, sandy hillside.


All kinds of pretties!

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


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