Day 128: One more zero…

Tue. 8/28/13
0 miles, currently at Mile 2007.4 at Santiam Pass


A day for just the two of us.

Ahh, another day in Bend. After a scrumptious breakfast of one of the best scones I’ve eaten and cinnamon french toast at McKay’s Cottage, we swung by the post office so I could mail my old backpack back to Granite Gear. Then we dropped Tears off at the trailhead.

It was a pretty uneventful day, which was the idea. I got all of my hiker chores done yestetday, so all I had to do today… was relax.

I ate a tub of cottage cheese… that was a pretty exciting thing! It’s been my biggest craving, which is so weird. I’ll take the 50+ grams of protein that goes with it, though!


Takes about three minutes to eat one of these...

The most crazy thing I did today was get a haircut. Aloha was going in for one so I just went with. I didn’t think I’d do anything like this the whole trip, but I’m glad I did. She just took a couple of inches off, getting rid of old, snarly ends. It feels really good, and I can still put it in braids.

Then as Aloha drove around to pick up snacks for our hotel-room-lounging, I napped in the car. I was tired! I even drooled all over myself!

Once back at the hotel, it was a marathon of sitcom reruns and mindless TV as we inhaled Chinese delivery, potato chips and some wine. It was nice to sit on a comfy bed and just chill out.

Tomorrow I’ll get back on trail and try to hike like a maniac to catch up to Tears. I pray that breaking in a new backpack doesn’t cause any problems! You’ll hear about it here if it does. :)

Tonight I love feeling relaxed.




Keeping up on current events, reading The Onion that Randall sent.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


2 thoughts on “Day 128: One more zero…

  1. I still think it is amazing what your man is doing…being your resupply man! Just love it!! Hope he is enjoying some new, incredible country too!! You two are great! CONGRATS on 2,000 miles!!!

  2. Wow Looking Good Kid, hey saying by to your old pack, any guesstimation of how many miles that thing has hung on your back, it’s like saying by to an old freind. just loved your blog about our visit, you are so kind at wording things LOL Love You and talk to you soon. — Pappy —

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