Day 127: Zero day – what I ate and stuff.

Mon. 8/26/13
0 miles, currently at Mile 2007.4 at Santiam Pass

Zero Day in Bend, OR. Love love love this place!


A new backpack!

Do you want to know what’s dangerous? Letting a PCT thru-hiker loose in an REI for two hours with her REI Visa in hand… after wearing the same outfit for four straight months and hanging on to a few pieces of nearly shredded gear… all I can say is what a fun day!

Actually, I didn’t go too crazy. I replaced my second leaky Platypus hydration bladder with a Camelbak version and I found a straight-valve nozzle to go with it (hard to find!), which was also leaking. I also got some Sweetwater water treatment to replace my 3rd leaking set of AquaMira (what’s with stuff leaking on me!?). I got three new pairs of Injinji socks to hopefully get me to Canada, a new rain cover for my pack (bring it on, Washington!), and two new shiny pieces of clothing. I got a pair of pants that fit me in case I need them in the chilly Wahington weather. My other ones were way too big. It was pretty fun to slip on a size 8 pair of pants, have them be super-comfy and look totally cute. I know, I’m being such a girl. Weird. I also found a great REI-brand hiking skirt. My slips are working well, but I couldn’t pass on this – it’s pretty much perfect.


REI loot!

I also ordered my fourth (and last) pair of shoes and insoles online. It’s crazy. It doesn’t feel that long ago when I was doing so many “firsts.” Arg… I can’t think about it too hard. The thought of this adventure winding down… it’s just too soon.

So… anyway, our zero day in Bend was great. We slept in before heading out for a giant omelettey breakfast.


Coffee, scone, ginormous omelette with pulled pork in it, and gone...

After that was grocery resupply and REI. I drank a delicious Coke from Jimmy John’s in there somewhere. Yum!


Just a yummy Coke.

While at REI, I picked up my new backpack from Granite Gear! I was so excited. I’m going to miss my old one, but I’m holding out on the hope that it will be recycled into something super-awesome. Maybe it’ll go to Everest or the North Pole or Patagonia or something. Hey ol’ pack, have fun out there! Thanks for being my home for so many miles! ♡


With my favorite person on the world and a shiny new backpack!

Then I drank a coffee and ate a burrito from Del Taco. It was kinda’ gross but I ate it anyway.


It even looks pretty grody.

We went back to the house to finish some hiker chores – wash rainpants, trade out packs, and pack food. Oh, and eat a snack.


Nasty drink I drank so I can use the bottle for wine, and a coconutty chocolatey nutty yum bar.

In the middle of chores I had to jet out for dinner at McMenimans. We were hungry! We weren’t eating nearly enough on this day off… I enjoyed a salad, soup and some fah-reakin’ tater TOTS!



We met back up with Condor at dinner, then back to the house for a beer and to visit with our awesome hosts. Thanks again for the awesome hospitality, Condor, Tidi and Wayne!


Chocolatey coffee-ey stout brewski.

Tomorrow Aloha and I drop Tears off on the trail. He and I are going to spend another day together… we both need another date-day. I’m really excited for that. I’ll get back on trail Wednesday and hopefully catch Tears, otherwise we’ll meet at Timberline Lodge.

Tonight I love my old backpack and my new backpack. A little tearful… gah, why do I get so attached!?


Gear repair. Fancy!


Old and new.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


2 thoughts on “Day 127: Zero day – what I ate and stuff.

  1. What’s your strategy for a pack cover. I usually just use a bag inside to not have the weight of a cover. But then I’ve heard others say when the pack gets wet it creates weight. Of course it will dry out and the weight will go away. Where a cover always has to be carried even when dry. So I’m going back and forth on this. What’s your opinion about your direction? I’d like to hear from a “pro”! :-)


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