Day 123: My portal to home

Thurs. 8/22/13
23.9 miles (Miles 1908.5 – 1932.4)
Hidden Lake – Forest Rd. 5897


Gently swaying treetops.

I lied on my back and shut my eyes today. As soon as my eyelids closed I felt really happy… well, kind of like just a comfortable happy. I love every moment on this trail, but I still miss home sometimes. As I lied there I realized the sound of the breeze  brushing the treetops was the same as home. I think the breeze traveled at the same varying speeds creating the same frequency or something. With my eyes closed, I could’ve been laying in my parent’s backyard in the grass, eyes shut, listening to the breeze in the treetops… I discovered a short portal to home! What’s so great about this discovery, is once I’m home I can use this portal to bring me right back here, too. Now I never really have to leave this journey behind. In a way, it never has to end. I’m sure there are more portals like this one, too, and you can bet I’ll be looking for them from now on.

It rained last night for a little bit, but by the time we got up everything was dry. Now that’s my kind of rain! It sprinkled on and off throughout the day, and we even heard some incredibly deep, crackling thunder roll across the sky above us. I wasn’t afraid this time – I was in a safe place, low in the forest, surrounded by towering trees.


Towering, lichen-covered trees

We hardly saw anyone on the trail today. During the first half of the day we saw one hiker going south, two mountain bikers, and two awesome riders on horseback. Later we ran into three older gentlemen going south, and once to the forest road… Aloha! A short while later Cuddles came out. He shot off down the trail for another eight miles to complete his goal of a FIFTY-mile day! How awesome! Then Black Hat came out and hung out for a bit, and eventually decided to ride with Aloha into Bend.

When we met Aloha at the road, he had a treat for us like he always does:


VooDoo Doughnuts from Portland! I ate three! I’ve been so hungry lately that they went down really easy. Especially that maple-bacon doughnut! Holy yummers! He also brought us some goodies for resupply, and we took over the dirt road and got packed up for another three-day stretch. A new round of rain, dark and ominous clouds and rolling thunder came through, so we sat in the car for a while and visited until we finally had to get back on trail. Not even a half mile in we found camp on top of a little hill.

Tonight (and always), I love my mom and dad. I was happy to hear their travels home went well, and I’m so thankful they were able to come out to see me… hiking a section out here with them meant more than I can explain, and I think they know exactly how that feels and what I mean by that. It was pretty special. Thank you, mom and dad… I love you.


Lower Rosary Lake being all reflective and pretty


All those low, green shrubs lining the trail are dwarf huckleberries, er, dwarfles. It's hard to get miles in sometimes!


Some of the most simplest things are so beautiful.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


4 thoughts on “Day 123: My portal to home

  1. How annoying or not annoying are the bike riders? I know I’m not a fan when I run on the lakeshore path or the commuter trail in Madison because they tend to pass too close. But it could potentially be a great bicycle touring trip.

  2. I found a portal on the Wiouwash just south of Hortonville…i looked around and saw that deep green damp forest of rolling hills just like home and slammed on my brakes and just stood there and inhaled the woodsy, cedar-y, earthy scent. Just like home. ahhh. Yay for portals! loveya

  3. Luv you, thanks for the open arms welcome and sharing part of your journey with us! Thought of you last night laying flat on the front deck looking up at a million stars Dad says, just think Robin islooking at the same stars we are. portal? PS. Eat more meat.

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