Day 122: Huuungry…

Wed. 8/21/13
30.8 miles (Miles 1877.7 – 1908.5)
Six Horse Spring – Hidden Lake


Lots of really cool trail signs today!

I was hungry today. I was yesterday, too. I have food, but my supply is quickly dwindling because I’ve been eating it like crazy – it seems like ten minutes after I eat something my tummy is grumbling for more. I think I’m going to have just enough to get me out tomorrow when we meet Aloha for a resupply. I’ve got a Hostess pie for breakfast left, a tuna with mayo and relish for lunch, and four snacks. That’s cutting it pretty close!

Speaking of food, to supplement my snacks and to alleviate hunger pangs just a wee bit, I nibbled on wild berries today. They’ve sure been plentiful – and a delicious treat! We’ve got huckleberries, dwarf huckleberries, and possibly blueberries. I can’t seem to tell the huckleberries from the blueberries. They might all be huckleberries. Ah, what does it matter, anyway – I know they’re edible, and they taste awesome! Tears and I thought “dwarf huckleberries” was too much to say, so we call them “dwarfles,” and instead of huckleberries, we say “huckles.” We had a great day of dwarfles and huckles… and maybe even some blubes.


Delicious dwarfles


Either huckles or blubes...

Here’s a random thought I had that made me chuckle to myself – as a gaggle (?) of Canadian Geese flew overhead in their “V” formation this morning I thought, “I wonder where they’re going? Well, I’ll find out! I think I’ll follow them…” Hardy-har…

It was a nice morning hiking. It wasn’t too cold like yesterday morning when we shivered down the trail in gloves and hats for the first hour or two. We cruised along at a nice steady pace uphill through forests that opened up to some nice views. Off on the horizon was a blackened sky threatening us with rain, but it never amounted to anything except for some humidity. I was happy to stay dry. Through a stretch of what must have been an older section of trail we came upon lots of old PCT trail signs, which was really cool. Tears and I both stopped to take photos of them as we went along.


Great views...


Glowing forests...


And cool old trail signs.

Yesterday we met a southbounder named Sugar Side Down. He gave us a really valuable piece of trail info that we put to use today. He told us that there’s a beautiful, delicious spring flowing at the top of the climb out from Summit Lake. This water source wasn’t listed on my maps, so it was really good to know, especially since we were able to avoid carrying so much water up the seven-mile climb. He was right on, too. It was a spectacular stream of cold water coming right out of the hillside. It’s been pretty fun running into the southbounders and trading important info like this, particularly through drier stretches like these.


The best kind of water!

A highlight from today was the Diamond Peak Wilderness. It’s freakin’ gorgeous with winding trails of varying surfaces, a few large trees to crawl over, open spaces with tons of my favorite young hemlock trees, giant boulders, shady forests with giant trees draped in sagey-green, old man’s beard lichen, a view of Diamond Peak and a sharp cliffside, that sweet spring I mentioned, small ponds, and a few big lakes. In fact, we’re camped on the shore of Hidden Lake… which we found. :)






Camp on Hidden Lake

I get the feeling that there aren’t many thru hikers on this section. There’s an alternate Oregon Skyline Trail that winds around some lakes and ends at Shelter Cove Resort where hikers can get sodas and food… and I believe it’s shorter than the PCT, too. Tears and I didn’t really think of it as an option for some reason, so we just stuck to our plan and stayed on the PCT. I have a feeling I might have missed some good pizza… especially when I’ve been so ravenous… but we were both very happy with our choice since we were treated to such beauty and an abundance of berries.

Okay, time for bed, I suppose. I have a big rock right under my butt tonight that I didn’t realize was there, so I’ll have to curl around it to sleep. We had an incredible bright orange moon illuminating a few whispy clouds around it tonight, and the wind just picked up. I should sleep like a baby… as long as that’s not a big, scary animal making all that noise in the water…

Tonight I love having enough food to eat, and being able to replenish my supply when it’s low. Oh, and I also love eating said food.


Old man's beard


A note for Cuddles... because he hates notes. ;)


The shell of a bug... what do you call this again?


Pretty moss

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


2 thoughts on “Day 122: Huuungry…

  1. omg. College Zoology just came bubbling up from my brain!! scary. So, first thought was carapace, but that’s not for the right kinda critter. It’s just called an exoskeleton. A moulted exoskeleton or ecdysis. gah. Brains!!!!

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