Day 119: Car camping

Sun. 8/18/13
22.1 miles (Miles 1807.2 – 1829.3)
Stream at Mile 1807.2 – Mazama Village


It might be burned, but it sure is pretty!

The morning started in the cool air, picking huckleberries. Cuddles confirmed their identification for us, so now we know what they look like and we’ll be watching for them. They look a lot like blueberries, so they’re pretty easy to spot.


Tears and Cuddles picking huckleberries

We wound through green forests of fir, hemlock and pine trees for quite a while on soft, needle-covered trails until we hit an old burn area. It was beautiful. The trees were bare, barkless and white, with patches of char-black, usually towards the base of the tree. They still stood tall and straight into the blue sky, and I wondered what kind of wind storm it would take to knock them over. There were small green shrubs coming up in places, purple flowers and these super-adorable brand-new, tiny fir trees. It looked like a field of them – almost all of them stood only a foot tall.


Purple flowers


Tiny, adorable fir trees

During the afternoon I got a case of the sleepies, but that didn’t stop Tears and I from hauling buns to Mazama Village. We beat Aloha and my parents there, so we ended up road-walking 1.4 miles, and that wasn’t my favorite thing to do, especially considering there wasn’t much of a shoulder and it was really hot out. We eventually finished the trudge and found other hikers at the store. We booked a campsite and had some drinks from the store, and once the pickle jar arrived we head to the campsite. Tears and I resupplied on a sheet of Tyvek on the ground, waited in a line for showers, ate giant hot dogs and finally relaxed around the fire. Cuddles joined us at our site and was caught up in the middle of some… um… really “sophisticated” discussions. Mostly regarding flatulation. It was funny.


Warmmmmm... my blog-writing view for the evening.

Now it’s time for bed. We’re hiking the Crater Lake Rim Trail tomorrow. I’m pretty excited. This was one of the points on the trail I was looking forward to before I even left Wisconsin. I’m sure many photos will be taken!

Tonight I love cottage cheese. It’s been a consistently favorite off-trail snack… also the weirdest on-trail craving I think I’ve had.


White butterfly with a fuzzy, blue body and a broken wing that didn't seem to hold it back any.


Diamond peak.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


2 thoughts on “Day 119: Car camping

  1. I’m so excited for your folks to have hiked with you. I’m jealous. :) I SO wanted to do that with my son! But unless I beat him to Manning Park tomorrow and can hike in, I missed out on that awesome time you had with your folks!! BTW he thinks WA is the most beautiful hiking yet, so look forward to that! I STILL hope we can meet you somewhere along the way!! :)
    You haven’t mentioned mosquitoes that I remember. He said that they were in SWARMS through OR.
    LOVE the pics!!

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