Day 115: Mom and Dad

Wed. 8/14/13
9.0 miles (Miles 1750.0 – 1759.0)
Hyatt Lake CG – PCT Mile 1759


That might be one of the funniest things I’ve seen. It reads:
Stop planning for the future.
I can’t help it.
Live for today.

Seriously, someone out there has our same sense of humor. Well, I suppose it could just be a hungry thru-hiker thinking about a sandwich. Either way, I laughed until my stomach hurt. Mmm, so I think I’ll plan to eat a sandwich in the future…

Anyway, my mom and dad are here, and they hiked with me and Tears today! How freakin’ cool is that!? They’re pretty darn tough, too. They flew into Portland yesterday, rode in the car with Aloha for six hours, met Tears and I at a campground at 11:30pm, stayed up with us chit-chatting until 1am, got up around 6am, organized and sorted gear, ate lunch, then hit the trail with us. There wasn’t much time for relaxing in there. We’ve got a fun week loosely planned… they’ll hike with us for a few days, do some trail magic with Aloha for a couple of days, then we’re all going to visit Crater Lake together. I’m so happy they were able to make it out here. It’s so great to see them!


Ready to hike!


Mom and dad on the PCT!

Tears came up with PCT trail names for them while they’re here… Pappy Toots and Poots Magoots. So we’re just one big tootsin’ group!

After getting all of our backpacks packed up and ready to go, we piled into the pickle jar and head to Greensprings Mountain Inn for breakfast/lunch. They give a free first beer to thru-hikers, so I sure couldn’t pass that up!


Girls in the back!

The hiking part of the day today didn’t show off for my parents with expansive views and crystal-clear swimming holes, but it did give them a taste of the trail. It was pretty hot out, there were a few decent climbs, and we hiked through some lava field and lots of pine forest. We ran into some other thru-hikers, too, and it was fun introducing them to each other. I feel really proud to have my mom and dad out here not just visiting – but hiking a section with me. It’s really cool.


Small lava field and forest.

The section we’re in didn’t seem to have the best options for water, either, so they were thrown into dealing with  carrying a lot right away. There was a nice-running aquaduct, but our maps warned that it was polluted with chemicals. Aloha found a road to meet us at, so we came out to a road crossing to see the pickle jar! We drank Gatorades and filled our water bottles. Thanks to Aloha! That was awesome timing!

We found camp amongst some towering pines a short while after meeting Aloha. We chowed down some dinner, visited and all crashed out early. It was a good day, and I look forward to the rest of this week, too.

Tonight (and forever) I love my mom and dad. They are pretty awesome people. ♥


Poots making spaghetti.


Eating spaghetti. I was a little jealous of their yumlicious-looking meal!


Mom and dad crawl under a fallen tree. Day one and we make 'em get dirty!

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


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