Day 114: Visitors from home!

Tue. 8/13/13
23.2 miles (Miles 1726.8 – 1750.0)
Interstate 5 (Ashland) – Hyatt Lake CG


Giant cairn

I’m sitting in front of a campfire at the Hyatt Lake Campground with Tears, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Aloha with my mom and dad! I’m so excited to see them!

We actually got going pretty efficiently this morning, considering we were leaving a great town. We stuck with the hotel’s continental breakfast of coffee, cheese horns and Froot Loops cereal. I think passing on a huge restaurant breakfast helped keep us focused on getting to the trail. Besides that, Aloha wanted to hit the road towards Portland to pick my parents up from the airport.


Pickle jar squeeze!

Me, Tears, G-bird and Simon squeezed into the Pickle Jar and Aloha dropped us off at the trailhead. G-bird and Simon hiked a little faster today, but we kept meeting up with them on breaks. We were all feeling a little sluggish for some reason. I think it was a mental state for me. I knew we didn’t have killer miles to make to our rendezvous at the campground, and we had a lot of time before Aloha and my folks arrived. Also, after a few high-mileage days, the thought of taking it easy sounded so nice.

The trail wound through forests of pines draped in what I think is old man’s beard lichen. The lichen hangs from the branches in green and black, and looks really cool. It also has kind of that scary-movie feel to it. In between patches of forest we hiked through yellow-grass meadows spotted with dark grey lava rocks. It was dry and hot today, and we even saw some lizards again. Tears even spotted a rattlesnake! We still have to keep an eye open for them guys!


Pretty Oregon

Once at the campground we found a site, bought some firewood, made dinner and are now relaxing by the fire. G-bird and Simon showed up and hung out for a bit, but they plan to hike 32 miles tomorrow, so they’re asleep. It’s 10pm, and I guess Aloha and my parents will be here at 11:30. I’m feeling so impatient… I’m just excited. I think I’ll eat more food while we wait….



They got here! Yay! :)

Tonight I love campfires. We don’t have them out here very often because it’s so dry, but when we do, it sure is a treat!


Classy trail sign




Trail break party


Great views!




This water was a no-go.


Trail through yellow grass field

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


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