Day 113: Hike hard, relax hard

Mon. 8/12/13
0 miles, currently at Mile 1726.8 at Interstate 5 (Ashland, OR)


At the Wild Goose across the driveway from our hotel with Aloha, Tears, and Simon.

It was exciting to meet back up with Tears this morning when we picked her up off the trail. In fact, we decided to take the day off, get our chores done and lay around. It seems as though my hiking strategy has been “hike hard, relax hard” lately. I think from here on out, taking a more steady approach will be good. My ankle has a bit of swelling to it, so I’ve been elevating it, icing it and taking some Vitamin I. I think it’s totally fine, but I figured it’s certainly not going to hurt it any.


Elevated, iced foot, beer and Indiana Jones.

I ate at my first buffet along the trail today, and it was a good one. It was an Indian buffet, and I stuffed myself silly with three full plates of food.

The rest of the day so far has been the typical resupply chores and running around. We’re finally three disco pickles, chilling out in a hotel room like old times… and it feels pretty awesome.

I made a huge decision today. I decided to let go of my backpack. The hip belt and shoulder straps started slipping now, too, so I’m constantly adjusting it . I contacted Granite Gear and just asked if by some far-off chance they might have one of the same style (Nimbus Latitude) even though they don’t make them like that any more, and to my surprise, they did! I had my torso remeasured and it was a whole inch shorter than I thought, and the new backpack they’re sending me will be the proper fit… it will be interesting to see how it feels. My current pack, all this time, has been too big for me. I’m so excited, and so thankful for Granite Gear’s quick responses, help, and of course the exchange. I just have to send my old one back when I receive the new one. Good stuff…


She's still got a couple hundred miles to go...

I found out from Cuddles the other day that Tears and I are part of a group on the trail. We didn’t know about it because we got behind them pretty early into the hike. Apparently all those that started on April 22nd are part of “The Mexican Train.” We are all still on the trail except for one. There were about 15 of us, so we think that’s pretty cool.

Hmm, what other random thing can I share on a boring zero day? Oh! I overheard a funny term used in the trail the other day! So you’ve heard of “zero day” – where we hike zero trail miles that day. “Nearo” is another popular term meaning we just hike for a bit and take the rest of the day off. This is a new one. Someone said, “I might just get to Etna, take a yearo and fill out some job applications.” Haha! I don’t plan on taking a yearo, but I got a pretty good kick out of that!

I’ve been stoveless for a few weeks and it’s been going really well. I’m going to  grow tired of my limited dinner options sooner, but we’re heading into chillier weather, so I’ll be adding the stove back in soon anyway. It’s been a successful and fun experiment. I still love mashed taters and cous cous…

Okay, time to complete my relaxation for the evening. Hitting the trail early tomorrow!

Tonight I love grapes. I got the hugest, sweetest, crispy green grapes at the store tonight and they are awesome. Mmmmmm…




Popular guy! They even made a soda display at the grocery store for him!



Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


3 thoughts on “Day 113: Hike hard, relax hard

  1. I see you snuck a march on me while I was sitting at Callahan’s. Probably just a few miles ahead of me tonight, and at your faster pace you might expect never to see me again. But I have a plan …

  2. Do you have a approximate date when you will be crossing the Columbia River into Washington State? I’ve been following you & would like to support you as a trail angel.


  3. Do you have a approximate date when you will be crossing the Columbia River into Washington State? I’ve been following you & would like to support you as a trail angel.

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