Day 112: A needed rest

Sun. 8/11/13
12.8 miles (Miles 1714.0 – 1726.8)
PCT Mile 1714 – Interstate 5


Oregon is pretty.

My initial plan was to hike to the Interstate, get picked up by Aloha, resupply, eat lots and hit the trail right away again. It didn’t happen that way, and I admit it… my plan was a bit overly aggressive. I’m tired and need rest. I’m so happy I got a 40-mile day in, but it plain wore me out. I didn’t sleep well last night, either. We set up in the dark, so when I laid down I realized I was on a big clump of something, and I was too darn pooped to get out and move the tent. I just curled around it in the fetal position, fell asleep and woke up from twitchy feet and legs throughout the night. And get this! I got chilly and had to zip up my sleeping bag and put my hat on! It’s getting cold already? Anyway… I plodded the almost 13 miles to the road… ready for a nap.

When I got into town, Bryan and Hunny Bunny offered to let me shower and nap in their hotel room while they made a trip to REI. That was so nice of them. While Aloha left to give some hikers rides, I got that shower and nap, and both were fabulous.

Once we were able to check into our room I took care of some hiker chores and decided to relax. The day went by too quick, as they do off-trail. We’re getting Tears from the trail in the morning, so I’m going to stick around and plan to hit the trail when she’s ready to.


Ice cream... the best so far.

Activities I took part in today: delicious Thai dinner, a few beers, coffee and salted caramel ice cream, a movie and popcorn, and icing a foot.

I’m not really sure where the source of the pain in my foot/ankle is exactly, but I can walk fine – just taking precautions for now hoping it’s just reminding me that I’m not invincible. :)

Tonight I love rest. It’s sometimes difficult to get, but I know it’s important.


Morning sunrise.


These were lined up along someone's property line. I got the idea they didn't want us hikers on their property.


Theatre and downtown Ashland, OR

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


One thought on “Day 112: A needed rest

  1. Welcome to Oregon! By the time you get to the northern half, some tasty huckleberries should be ready for you. I saw a few ripe ones already on Mt. Hood, but most of them are green.

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