Day 111: OREGON!!!

Sat. 8/10/13
41.8 miles (really!) (Miles 1672.2 – 1714.0)
Kangaroo Spring – PCT Mile 1714


I'll miss you, Cali!

What a huge, crazy, amazing day of accomplishment. I’m so tired, and feeling a little overwhelmed… it hasn’t all quite sunk in yet.

Two pretty major things happened today – I crossed the border into Oregon and hiked 41.8 miles! (I think I’m officially insane.)

I wasn’t really sure I could hike 40 miles in one day out here, but the challenge was there and got stuck in my head. My stubborness kicked in and today was the day! I did it! Thanks to Atlas, Rocks and Cuddles for the encouragement! Atlas tried to get me to hike 40 with him, but it wasn’t the right time yet… Rocks said he knew I could do it… and Cuddles was my partner in crime today. He hiked it with me – he hoped to get out by early tomorrow morning to meet his wife, and he was shooting for 100 miles in three days. The incentives were all in place for both of us. We hiked together on and off and took some breaks together, and it was awesome to have him there throughout the day for company. He’s already done a 40, so I felt I was hiking with a pro. Hey, Cuddles – thank you SO much for helping me actually accomplish this crazy goal! :)

I’ll have to assess any bodily damages tomorrow, but hopefully there are none. My left foot cramped up pretty bad for the last three miles, and I hope it’s better by morning, but the rest of me feels pretty great!


Great sunrise!

Being on the trail at 5:30 is great for watching the sun come up. It was beautiful! The rest of the day actually stayed mostly overcast and cool, which is perfect for a big-mileage attempt. It threatened to rain a few times, but never followed through, and we even won with a few breaks in the clouds a few times and enjoyed the sunshine when we had it. The afternoon looked a little sketchy for a while, too, but it just blew over.


Afternoon threats...

I crossed into Oregon today! I loved California, and I’m really sad it’s done, but at the same time there’s so much excitement to a new state, especially since Cali is so darn huge – 1700 miles long! I’m excited about Oregon… just as excited as I am sad to say good-bye to Cali. Seeing those signs at the border, seeing others celebrate (I was there with Rhymocerous, Cuddles and Forrest – a southbounder!), and reading the fun entries in the trail register helped it sink in a little, but then everyone left and I stood there for a minute or two by myself. I was in the middle of the woods, standing with one foot in California and the other in Oregon. It felt good. Then I turned and continued north. Maybe I should’ve turned around and gone back…


This butterfly welcomed me to it's state.

So I’m really pooped, and I’d like to write more detail about my day, but I’m just about falling asleep… maybe tomorrow. G’night!

Tonight I love every single footstep I took in the big state of California.


Cairn with a note on the quality of the spring water nearby. We leave notes like this out here for each other a lot.




Razor breaking in the trail.


Crazy prettiness.


Me and Cuddles at the border



Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


2 thoughts on “Day 111: OREGON!!!

  1. Wonder where you get that “challenge me” spirit from? 40.8 holy cow you rock! One step closer to Crater lake. Can’t wait to see you! You’ll surely need a rest by then.

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