Day 104: Mini High Sierras

Sat. 8/3/13
28.2 miles (Miles 1518.0 – 1546.2)
PCT Mile 1518.0 – PCT Mile 1546.2


Cairns sometimes mark our path

I ate my breakfast and drank my cold coffee this morning comfortably leaned up against a rock while still sitting in my warm sleeping bag. It was still the perfect little spot with a great view – one of the very best I’ve camped in so far.

I hiked with Rocks all the way until late lunch. I was able to keep up with his quick pace the whole time, but I struggled a little on the climbs – I made it – I just huffed, puffed and sweat a lot. We were talking about all kinds of things, and I was really enjoying it, so keeping his quick pace was worth it. Besides, I enjoy working hard like that sometimes. I hope to see him again. We seem to have a lot in common, especially how badly we wished this trail kept going forever. I always appreciate a happy, positive attitude and this guy has one. I feel like I made a really good friend today.


A pretty flower, G-bird and Rocks

After lunch at a really awesome, flowery, clear, piped spring, Rocks gave hugs and took off how he does. G-bird, Tears and I, along with Atlas, sort of stuck together for the rest of the afternoon. We got some really incredible views of Mt. Shasta, finally. The smoke seems to have cleared for now, so it was a treat to finally get some clear views. I could even make out the differences in color at treeline and some reds, grays, and browns of the different kinds of rock that streaked the mountainside. I wanted to take a photo around every corner – and I  nearly did!


Mt. Shasta


More Mt. Shasta... and me.

A lot of the hike today reminded me of the high Sierras, but on a much smaller scale. We hiked up and around hills, and even over a few saddles that reminded me of the passes in the high Sierras – just not nearly as high and tough to climb. The views and vistas were around every corner again, too. The forests we walked through had gorgeous, tall trees, soft trails and really neat rays of light coming through between the trees from the sun. There were springs, flowers, and little mountain lakes. There was just always something pretty to look at. I have really been loving north Cali so far.





At Deadfall Creek, which was dry as a bone, we stopped and ate dinner. I wish we’d had known there was a great stream just a two-minute walk further up the trail – I filled my water and the four of us trucked on a few more miles. It was a good hiking day. I can tell because my feet are pretty fatigued. The plan is to try for another big day tomorrow.

I saw an amazing butterfly a few times today, but couldn’t get a photo. It was bright white with a pair of hot pink dots and a couple of bright purple ones. I really want to get a photo – I think more so than those black and white ones I was chasing a couple of weeks ago. I still never got one of them, either! They’re too darn quick, the buggers!


Porcupine Lake

Question: Who would walk until their feet calluses crack down to the meat of the foot, then just simply super-glue them back together and keep walking?
Answer: A PCT thru-hiker, that’s who!

My calluses will hurt, but they haven’t cracked – and I hope they don’t. Rocks wears Chaco sandals hiking, so he said his feet don’t ever get the chance to sweat, and they dry out pretty fast. I watched him apply the super-glue to his foot today to keep the callus together. He says it works great! Crazy, huh?

Tonight I love putting up my feet. It’s one of my favorite breaktime activities… next to eating.

“May your path be the sound of your feet upon the ground.” (Fun.)


Flowers at one of the springs


The super-awesome pitcher plant. Bugs get caught inside and digested!


Pitcher plant


Spring water

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


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