Day 102: Fun in Mt. Shasta City

Thurs. 8/1/13
12.0 miles (Miles 1494.5 – 1506.5)
PCT Mile 1494.5 – Interstate 5


Ahh, morning forest walking

I booked it this morning with the hopes I’d get out to the road close to the same time as Tears so I could head in to town with her and Aloha. I wasn’t sure how far ahead she was so I just hiked as fast as I could. I was a bit distracted by the pretty morning light and huge red sun coming up through the trees, so I snapped some photos, and stopped once to grab a liter of water, but I made those 12 miles in 3-1/2 hours. I was pretty excited about that! I got to a cache of soda at 9:07 where Tears had a note in the register at 8:50! I was right behind her. When I got to the interstate where Aloha was meeting us, Tears and a few others were there. Aloha went to drop some other hikers off in Castella, then came back for us.


Great sunrise.

Once in Shasta, I had a really fun “hiker chore” experience. We were cruising around with G-bird and Rocks, too. We came into town and did the number one most important town chore for thru-hikers – EAT. We went to the Black Bear diner where I finally ordered eggs benedict. I’ve been waiting for just the right place – it was a good choice – delicious!


Aloha snapped a photo after the four of us devoured thousands of calories. Yum!

Our next stop was the outfitter in town. I actually looked at some backpacks. My zippers are still splitting and will be needing repair. I found a small Deuter that I kind of liked (they sadly didn’t carry any Granite Gear), but when I had them weigh it empty the darn thing was almost four pounds. It was smaller than my current pack, but weighed more. That was no good. I later ran into Belgian Red, and she was telling us that she was going to have her old pack sent to Ashland because she wasn’t fond of her ULA. She planned to toss it in a hiker box… so… after talking with her, she’s going to leave it at the hostel there with my name on it! I can maybe get mine fixed and use that one until I get it back!

Next up for chores was to get a drink at the Goat Tavern, then get our hotel. We ended up in a room with three beds and a small couch, shared between seven hikers. Somehow Sneaks, the tallest guy, ended up on the tiny couch… but that’s okay. It resulted in a fun photo:


After getting our room, we hit up just about every store in town for resupply. I got everything I needed and more. I also got to see Simon, Unicroc snd Scat tracker! I haven’t seen them in a couple of months! Town stops can make for some really fun reunions.



Dinner was at a Mexican Restaurant. It’s Treekiller’s birthday in a couple of days, so he modified my “princess” tiara from my birthday so it read “prince,” and he wore it to dinner. They even sang him a Mexican birthday song and put a sombrero on his head. What fun!


Happy birthday, Treekiller!

After dinner we kidnapped Hunny Bunny, Sunshine, Giddyup and Wakka Wakka and walked to a little bar for drinks. Once the longest game of cricket ever was done, Aloha and I head back to the room. It was a really fun day being a thru-hiker in town. Tomorrow we’re back on trail for another hundred-mile stretch through what we’re hearing are some pretty bad conditions due to smoke in the air from fires. I guess the trail is open, but we might see fire crews working and have a little trouble breathing. Another new adventure awaits us!

Tonight I love nutrolls! They are made in St. Paul and hard to find out here.


The prettiest little seed pod in all the world.


Sun through the trees


Dinner: Atlas, Sneaks, Tears, Aloha, me and Treekiller

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


4 thoughts on “Day 102: Fun in Mt. Shasta City

  1. Hey Toots! Reno Dave here, and I’m still absolutely loving your trail blog! Even better since I met you. Your “Tonight I love…” has made me think about every day, and what is special about every day. Thank you SO MUCH for the reminder that it’s the little things really make life awesome! Keep on hiking like a freakin’ rock star!
    But what the heck are Nutrolls??? (sorry, west coast guy here!)

    • Nut rolls are a sweet and salty treat. A tube of melocreme surrounded by peanuts! If you can’t find any where you are, you can buy some candy corn and dry roasted peanuts, throw them together in a bowl and you have nut roll trail mix. It’s exactly how nut rolls taste.

  2. Ah, Black Bear diner! And what I must assume was Casa Ramos. I’ve spent a lot of time in Mt Shasta City, and those are my favorite breakfast and dinner spots. You chose well!

    Good luck through the haze.

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