Day 100: One Hundred Days on the PCT!

Tue. 7/30/13
28.3 miles (Miles 1439.3 – 1467.6)
PCT Mile 1439.3 – Deer Creek


Beautiful Northern California trails

Holy manoley – I’ve been out here on the Pacific Crest Trail for ONE HUNDRED days! Can you believe it!? 100 days straight of doing my favorite thing ever. I am smiley, happy, and feeling very blessed.

Last night at camp after I ate dinner and was almost ready to crawl into my sleeping bag, I was joined by Hunny Bunny, Wakka Wakka, Giddyup, Sunshine and Kenobi. It was a great spot overlooking a huge valley with Mt. Shasta in the background, fading into the smokey sky with a blood-red sunset. There’s a small fire somewhere – it leaves some unclear but neat views of Mt. Shasta. It’s just a huge, snowy mountain poking up out of the horizon. It felt like it was drastically closer today compared to yesterday.


Mt. Shasta - the floating mountain in the sky

A big part of the morning took us through some logged forest areas. It was unsightly in some spots more than others, but you could see where new, cute little trees were growing up, and one area was covered in tall grass and flowers. It also opened up some really nice views in spots, too.


New trees and a great view!

My lunch break at Moosehead Creek was interesting. I ate a great lunch, napped a little, washed my socks, hung them on a log to dry, then took a walk with my trowel. If you don’t like poo stories, skip to the next photo… although it’s gross, I have to tell this story. So at the beginning of this hike I’d asked a few hikers the question, “have you ever accidentally dug up someone else’s cathole?” Only one person said he had. It just seemed likely to happen. We camp in a lot of the same places, and probably scope out some of the same types of good cover for our morning business – preferably with a good view if one is available. Well, my spot today wasn’t particulatly epic, but looked safe and unused. I moved a piece of tree bark over, dug deep down into the dirt with my trowel and it happened. Someone else had already used this exact spot – and did an excellent job covering it. And yup… it was pretty gross. I covered it back up, scraped my trowel on the grass with a grossed-out snarl on my face the whole time, moved over a ways, did my business, then proceeded to wipe my trowel in the grass and dirt some more. I then took a Wet One wipe to it and some hand sanitizer. I had to laugh about it and share the story with friends on the trail – poo is actually a popular topic out here on the trail, so I figured it was the perfect story to share. I hope that never happens again, though! Once is enough for me!


Poo talk is done, so here's a pretty flower to look at.

After lunch, Rocks and Kenobi came cruising up behind me – Rocks is super-fast. I think he regularly hikes at 4mph and does several 30-mile days. He came up to me and says, “Oh! Hey, ride bride!” I thought that was funny – he remembered me from the other day when we briefly met at the Hwy 89 crossing. Anyway, Kenobi turns so his pack was facing me and says, “are these your socks?” Ohmygosh! I left them drying on that log! I was so thankful that he grabbed them – they’re one of my favorite pairs! Whew!

The rest of the afternoon flew by. I kept up with Rocks and Kenobi for about an hour until we came to the next water source. It was tough, but I did it! It was a fun little mini-challenge. I was nearly jogging at one point!

I didn’t feel like taking the one-mile round trip for water, so after realizing I had a full liter of water left, I decided to keep going. I was shooting for Deer Creek 7.5 miles from there. Others stayed and cooked dinner, Rocks shot off like lightning and we didn’t see him again, and Hunny Bunny and I hit the trail. We got here just a bit after 8pm and were very ready to stop. There’s not a ton of camping space, but Wakka, Giddyup and Kenobi also found a spot when they arrived. It’s cozy, there’s water flowing in the stream, and it’s trying to lull me to sleep as I write this.

…I wonder what critters are making all that noise up the hill from my tent? Deer… all just harmless deer… I hope.

It was another long, make-my-feet-sore, great day on the PCT. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Tonight I love my black performance Injinji socks, as well as Kenobi for carrying them so I could get them back!






Love! Greens and blues!


A new pretty little flower

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


4 thoughts on “Day 100: One Hundred Days on the PCT!

  1. I did not skip, bravely read the poo story and was really to scroll down and find a photo of a pretty purple flower and not a poo pic! ;-)

  2. Nice entry, especially the “#2” story! Reminds me of the WagBags on Mt. Whitney where you have to pack your poop out with you, ewww.

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