Day 84: Great hiking company!

Sun. 7/14/13
23 miles (Miles 1163.9 – 1186.9)
PCT Mile 1163.9 – PCT Mile 1186.9


Trail party with Bryan and Hunny Bunny!

Today went by really fast and so did the miles – we had really fun hiking company. Hunny Bunny and her boyfriend, Bryan, hiked with us from lunch until camp, and we’re camped in the same place, too.

Morning was pretty normal – except that I slept through the “alarm,” meaning I didn’t wake up until after Tears came back in the tent after going to the bathroom. I didn’t even hear her get out, so I must have been sleeping pretty sound. I’m usually dressed and have my stuff tossed outside by the time she gets back… but either way, we were still on the trail just a little past 7am.


Our morning hike through the woods

My mind was all over the place this morning. First I was thinking about how much I really love hiking, and I asked myself if there was something that I loved more… the answer always came down to people. I gave myself the question, “if I could get off trail right this very instant just for one hour and do something that would make me happier, what would it be?”  I came up with two answers, because I’ve really been missing Adam and my family. The first thing I thought of was an hour in the morning with Adam – when we first wake up in the mornings, he’ll sometimes roll over, put his arm around me and squeeze, then roll back over and fall back asleep. It’s like a half-asleep hug, and I love it. The second thing was one hour, sitting in my parent’s living room with my mom and dad, drinking coffee and chit-chatting about the birds on their feeder, how high the river is, or whatever else we feel like. I’d also take a cuddle from my old cat, Peanut, who I gave up to some good friends before coming on this trip. I miss her purrs and fuzzy paws.

I thought about the “why” of this trip more today, too. I might break that down in another blog entry sometime. It’s pretty deep. I thought about sugar-coating, aches and pains, and some other random things. I was feeling creative, too. It was quite a chain of thoughts, and my mind began to tire… wait… I was just hungry!


So much green out here! Love it!

We stopped by a creek for a bite to eat and to grab some water, and I heard someone holler, “Toots!” from behind a bush – it was Hunny Bunny! And Bryan! They were just getting packed up from camp. We hiked on until lunch where they met up with us again. We enjoyed a nice, long break and fun conversation, and the four of us continued to hike together for the rest of the day.


Hunny Bunny introduced a riddle to us that kept us busy for hours – and those hours and miles flew by because we were thinking so hard. You had to figure out what touches by asking about things that do or don’t touch. For example, the earth doesn’t touch, but the moon does touch. Blue touches, purple touches, and pink touches, but green doesn’t touch. It drove us crazy, and crazy doesn’t touch. Another hiker, Focus, played this riddle with some hikers for three days. We didn’t have that kind of patience, though… we gave up. What a fun thing to do on the trail… any readers out there have any other good riddles for Tears and I to try out? It sure helps take our minds off a tough climb!


Two huge lakes that teased us. We never got close enough for a swim

At camp we all cooked dinner – I made some perfect mac & cheese again – yay! Bryan and Hunny Bunny made pudding for desert and we made the strawberry shortcake that Faceplant gave us when we hiked over Donner Pass the other day. We shared some of those deserts, so that was fun, too. We told stories from home and the trail, and we were all in our tents before dark. Hiker midnight…

Good miles and a good day. Thanks for the company, Hunny Bunny and Bryan!

Tonight I love strawberry shortcake… and now I want more. Yum!


Fuzzy lil flower


Monkey flowers at snowbank spring


Dad, what would you do with this random, giant pile of wood? Made me think of you!

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!

With love,
Toots Magoots
(Robin Grapa)


6 thoughts on “Day 84: Great hiking company!

  1. I miss you too girlie girl! We would be drinking coffee and talking about the gardens and if we should tube the Elk river on such a hot day. Luv the pix makes me want to climb that 14 someday

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