Day 79: Zero date day with Aloha

Tue. 7/9/13
0 miles, currently at PCT mile 1094.5
Echo Lake Chalet/South Lake Tahoe


Date day! Yippee yay!

I woke up bright and early at 5:30am. What the heck – is thru-hiking turning me into a morning person!? Whoa! I didn’t mind, either. I got a bunch of little things done like transferring photos to my hard drive, emails, shoe orders, and some mail drop stuff done. I had the rest of my zero day for Aloha.

We went to breakfast at the Driftwood Cafe. I ordered their eggs benedict, which is something I’ve been craving for a while. It was a unique version of the standard dish, so It didn’t really cure my craving, but it was delicious!


Eggs benedict. First big zero day fun.

Next up was an Aloha and Toots favorite – we played mini golf! This has to be the BEST zero day activity EVER! During our honeymoon we played every mini golf course in Wisconsin Dells… and there’s a lot of them. Playing today was so fun and brought back some great memories. To make it even a little sweeter, I won! Aloha got the only hole-in-one, though. It was a great course, too – moving parts and all!


Aloha and a big fish


My favorite hole. Haha!

After mini golf we stopped at a cute ice cream place called the Snow Flake for soft serve in homemade waffle cones. Then we landed ourselves at one of the casinos over the state line in Nevada… not to gamble, but to find a movie theatre. It was a cool theatre, too, and they had really good popcorn! We saw The Heat with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock. It was really funny!


Great movie!


Mmmm, dinner!

One more thing to take care of: more ice cream. I’ve been wanting a banana split so we found another great ice cream shop – the splits were huge, delicious, and I ate the whole thing!


Melty with vanilla, chocolate, strawberry ice creams, pineapple, fudge, strawberries, whipped cream, cherry, banana.


The perfect place!

A little mindless TV before bed, then we hit the trail again tomorrow. We need to see what the scoop is with a wild fire that closed down part of Hwy 50 after Aloha picked us up yesterday – I’m really hoping we’re able to get back to our trailhead! I’m so excited for Desolation Wilderness!

Tonight I love resting. It feels good and my body and feet are thanking me.


3 thoughts on “Day 79: Zero date day with Aloha

  1. I have been following your wonderful blog since the start of your journey. Your photos are amazing. I look forward to your updates. It is heartwarming to hear about all the wonderful people out there providing support and trail magic along the way! Keep those posts coming. Stay safe!

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