Day 78: Echo Lake and S. Lake Tahoe

Mon. 7/8/13
4.8 miles (Miles 1089.7 – 1094.5)
PCT Mile 1089.7 – Echo Lake Chalet


Giant PCT signs and milkshakes coming up make us silly

Hiking through the forest this morning with the sun shining through the trees made me feel like I was having my own little nature party – the sun beams were like non-rhythmic strobe lights. Fantabulous.

We were blessed with happy little tiger lilies and this other cool little flower mixed in with them:


Tiger lily.


Neato flower!

We didn’t have far to go to get to the Echo Lake Chalet where Aloha was planning on picking us up. We planned it this way to avoid the Sunday holiday weekend traffic, and I think it was a good idea since we heard Hwy. 50 had bumper-to-bumper traffic yesterday! We enjoyed our short day out.

Once at the Chalet I ordered a neopolitan milkshake. Yummers! Then Tears and I did a typical Wisconsin thing. We got a beer. It’s 5:00 somewhere… right?


Wisco girls! Woot!

Aloha got us and brought us to South Lake Tahoe. We visited Lake of the Sky Outfitters first thing, which is a famous PCT hiker stop. They had a hiker’s lounge with coffee, fruit, snacks, a couch and a hiker box… which is where I found this:


I didn’t take it, as C suggests, but I thought it was funny.

Then we resupplied. Then we ate. I ate a salad and it really hit the spot – check this thing out!


Awesome salad!

We cruised around town and I actually thought for a moment that it would be nice to buy a “town bra.” I started to look around and quickly remembered how much I dislike shopping… especially bra shopping. The idea was quickly and happily abandoned. It was a funny thought. I giggled at myself for that one! Who the heck cares at this point whether I’m wearing a real bra or a sport bra!?

We did go to a grocery store where we bought a small supply of supplementary goodies for our next stretch of trail – cheese and cookies was all I needed. Easy!

We also stopped at the Post Office. We had two resupply boxes – one from our friend Randall with more Old Wisconsin individually-wrapped meat goodies, new Tyvek for the tent and candy! Oh, and some address labels and stamps with a subtle hint for a postcard. Love you, Randall! We’ll get you a postcard, buddy! We also had a package from my parents with some of our typical, boring requests… oatmeal, tuna, mayo packets… and two requests I wasn’t sure we’d get, but mom and dad fulfilled! I can’t say I’m too surprised. They do some pretty amazing stuff.


Homemade pickles and homemade chokecherry cordial! Thanks mom and dad! Woo-hoo! Hoochie-mama! And that is the cutest darned pickle drawing EVER!

Dinner was at an Irish Pub, and now I’m relaxing on a real bed writing this blog entry. Tomorrow I am sprnding the day with Aloha. I think we’re going to have a date day. Yay!

Tonight I love… this. Backpacking. Hiking. I am living. I am doing what I love. I am so happy. ♥


I am doing what I love.


4 thoughts on “Day 78: Echo Lake and S. Lake Tahoe

  1. You ARE living! And your happiness in doing what you love shows through in both your words and photographs. Keep it up!

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