Day 75: A super-magical day

Fri. 7/5/13
21.9 miles (Miles 1028.6 – 1050.5)
PCT Mile 1028.6 – Ebbets Pass


Flowers! Oh my!

As it turns out, hiking on a holiday weekend out here just plain rocks. There were lots of hikers out and about today – mostly weekenders. They were all so friendly, and some had trail dogs – some of the nicest and best-behaved trail dogs, too!

Then we hit magic. Delaware Dave, another thru-hiker we know was stopped in the trail with another guy, so we stopped to chat. The other guy’s name is Brian, and he was hiking in to hand out snacks to us PCT’ers! What another fabulous surprise! We ate cookies, a granola bar, and some really good beef jerky. Thanks for the “trail party,” Brian!


Trail party with Tears, Brian and Delaware Dave

Next up was a biggie. We were closing in on a long day – we probably had close to 20 miles and we were tired. We were going to look for camp once we crossed the road coming up, but there was this sign at a trail junction:


Ooooh boooy!

Um, heck yes! We hiked down to see our friend Delaware Dave sitting in a chair, and Lizard and Forever 50 were providing some serious trail magic. First they offered cold drinks. Mmmm, Coca-Cola. Then a cheeseburger. Before the burgers were done they plopped a plate of fresh fruit on our laps! Watermelon, cantaloupe, and a nectarine. The cheeseburgers came  soon after, and were garnished with ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, and avacado! They also dished up some potato salad and baked beans. Oh my gosh… I have been craving baked beans! After the burger was gone they offered us a hot dog, too! After a beer we finally said a million thank-you’s and a farewell and head on down the trail to find a camp.

Thank you, Lizard and Forever 50! You rock!


Forever 50 and Lizard

We crossed Hwy 4 and hiked maybe 100 yards and saw Delaware Dave again, talking to a lady with a dog. Trail magic desert! Seriously! Sleuth and her dog, Athena, were there to hand out granola bars. Thank you, Sleuth!

I think we ended our day with heavier food bags than what we started with, but our bellies are full, our taste buds are satisfied and our hearts are overflowing. I am overwhelmed. People… amazing, loving, giving people.

Oh, we did hike today, too. A lot! We were hiking maniacs! We saw a lot of little waterfalls, and that’s always a treat – especially when they’re so high up in elevation. That water tastes so amazing.


Crisp, cold, refreshing

We saw a whole lot of wildflowers, too. We had every color of the rainbow, and sometimes they were all in the same clump with a pretty mountain scene in the background or a creek, and a lot of the time it was in the middle of a big climb. The flowers made everything brighter today, on top of an already bright and beautiful day.


Monkey flowers

It was really windy today, but that wind felt great, and it left us with almost no mosquitoes to contend with.  I think I saw two of them. Yep, just two. The sun shone, there were birds singing, butterflies were fluttering around everywhere we went, the hiking was fun and scenic, and it was all around a fantastic day.

Oh! Two more things… I fell today! There was this tiny patch of snow melting on the trail, I was looking over at a new view of a mountain and didn’t notice that there was mud… I landed my left foot right on it and it slid, taking me down on my left side. It’s okay though – it was quite funny when it happened because I let out a weird little squeal as I slid. When I got up I had mud all over my left leg, my butt and part of my pack. I just let it dry and brushed it off an hour or so later. My shoulder is a little sore from trying to catch myself, but certainly nothing worrisome. Falling is always scary, but if I’m gonna fall, mud is where I belong. I love mud!


Muddy! Alright!

Second thing… there is a fire directly north of us. We saw the plumes early today and this afternoon. We hope it won’t affect our route, and we probably won’t know until we’re closer. I think it’s too new for anyone out here to have any info yet. I pray it’s able to be contained soon and that everyone in the area is safe! It’s scary seeing those smoke clouds in the distance!

My silly verbally dyslexic quote from today that made us laugh until we nearly peed:
“Soon we’ll be in South Lake Toeha.”
Um… Tahoe… not Toe-ha! Darrrr…

Tonight I love the amazing people that provided us with trail magic yesterday and today… and before yesterday and today… and after today.


Fire smoke sunset


Food bags are hung in the tree with care... in hopes there will be no visitors, especially a bear...




3 thoughts on “Day 75: A super-magical day

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. It really is a small world, after all. I just gasped out loud seeing Brian in your photo! We go way back, went to the same church, we adopted one of his dog’s pups when our kids were younger… Sandy and I are FB friends. Such a shock to see him on the PCT with “my” hikers! It’s 6 degrees of Robin Grapa!

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