Day 67: Zero in Mammoth Lakes #3

Thurs. 6/27/13
0 miles, currently at PCT mile 906.7
Red’s Meadow/Mammoth Lakes


Zero day... pool.

We weren’t planning on a zero day again, but we totally got sucked into the vortex. We procrastinated for most of the day, then finally showered and got our stuff all ready to go. Then Dishcloth walked past me and Tears with a smile and two already-opened bottles of beer. Well, we figured we better stay and finish them.

Then we went for a late lunch at Zpizza. Great food, by the way! Anyway, Tears and I were going to discuss our plan. We were completely undecided, so we put it to a vote on the Disco Pickle facebook page. Thanks to all that voted! The zero won pretty strongly. It’s been a very nice, relaxing afternoon, and we are both ready to hit the trail tomorrow and get some miles in. 

Mammoth Lakes has been great, and it’s been especially fun to have caught up with PRT and a few other hikers we haven’t seen in a while. Sharing a big condo isn’t only fun, it saves us all money. As I write this 14 of us are lazing around in the livingroom watching a movie on TV. The place is scattered with hikers,  backpacks, empty soda cans, munchies, and rooms have exploded with gear and food resupply. It’s a great environment to be in, for now. I’m ready for the wilderness, though!


This is how we zero!

Breakfast after sleeping in today was at The Breakfast Club. I had half an order of biscuits and gravy. One of their delicious biscuits filled me up and was the best I’ve ever had. YUM! That is an awesome place to eat!


Yum! I also ordered french toast, but I had to take it to go!

There’s a fire ban on the trail up to mile 930, now. No fires at all. We don’t have too much farther to go before we’re out of that ban, but I don’t think I’d have one anyway… it’s pretty dry and I’m paranoid. And I’m usually too tired anyway. It’s supposed to be in the upper 90’s for the next few days, so I imagine that doesn’t help that situation much. Hiking in that heat will be interesting, too. I’ll still take that over an all-day cold, bone-soaking rain!

We hope to head out early tomorrow, so I need to get to bed.

Tonight I love my new Injinji socks. I can’t wait to wear them!


A strange sight on our front porch.


Aloha and I working on a half gallon. We weren't very successful.


6 thoughts on “Day 67: Zero in Mammoth Lakes #3

  1. Love following your blog! My boyfriend and his friend (Pukie and Voodoo Cheese) are also thru hiking the PCT this year. Not sure if you’ve run into them, but I’ve told them about your blog!

    • We met Pukie and Voodoo Cheese early on – fun guys! We saw them last just before idylwild. I think of them often and wonder where they are and hope they’re doing well!

  2. Looks like your having a great time taking care of that half gallon! Don’t get soft you hiking maniac! How do I know this? Take care.

  3. Reading the last week or two, I’m so happy for you to have a low snow year and such beautiful weather. Great photos and description! Seems like you are making great progress. When I went through Muir Pass, there was this fat high and wide overcast that cast a gray pall on everything. I hope the weather holds out for you through the whole Sierra Nevada.

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